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  1. The message "This app will now restart to free up more memory" is a trivialized, totally BS description of the raw truth: "This app/process has crashed... and needs to be restarted". So for whatever reason your app or process has crashed ( you don´t tell us which app you used thwn it crashed), you´ll never know the real reason since you don´t get any detailed error descriptions. It COULD have something to do with low memory, but it´s not sure. I also get app crashes from time to time with the preinstalled apps, mainly SmartShare. I NEVER use the Browser, it´s slow, painfully lacking in featues and everything... also crashes a lot, specially when using Video... stay away.
  2. WebOS TV Firmware version

    ?? Download link was already posted: http://www.lg.com/ru/support/support-product/lg-42LB730V
  3. Nemilose's answer is spot on though... There are apps for webos you can install and use from lg store, but webos is 100% incompatible to Android. Forget it. K.
  4. WebOS TV Firmware version

    There are no change logs for LG firmwares... ever! But the 2014 LB series already has official 5.05.35 firmware, see LG download site.
  5. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Guys, skip the OTA update process (doesn´t work anyway), donwload ZIP from official server, unzip in folder LG_DTV on USB stick and do the update via USB. Safe and quick! Btw, updated to 05.05.35 without problems. No changes visible or noticable. K.
  6. WebOS TV Firmware version

    The quick availability of the BETA .35 Update after .20 was just released is suspicious to me... as if .20 had a serious bug and needed instant fixing... not sure if I want to risk installing .20 via USB unless I see more reports from users having no problems with 05.05.20 ... K.
  7. WebOS TV Firmware version

    I'm not in Poland but in Germany but I don't get any new version via Ota update too. Still on 05.05.01. Regards, K.
  8. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Absolutely! You can't use a firmware for the LB6xx series for the UF models. Fortunately the firmware update process checks if the firmware is suitable for your model and refuses to update to an invalid version. K.
  9. WebOS TV Firmware version

    I noticed one odd thing after a few weeks with 05.05.01 on the LG 47LB671v... I happened two times now that I got a message from the TV saying (in German): "The TV will be switched off in 5 minutes" ... and NO, I did not use the timer function of the TV EVER... I waited to see if this was a "freak" message but after 45 minutes the TV really switched off. Very strange, will watch this behaviour closely. Anyone else had this? K.
  10. WebOS TV Firmware version

    C´mon guys, did anybody test the new beta version yet on LB6xx? I´m curious to see if there are any improvements... Since this is a higher version number jump it could have some new features. K.
  11. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Interesting, did you already test this on LBXX TV? Not going to play the guinea pig this time... Seems a strange jump from 05.00.60 to 05.05.00 . K.
  12. WebOS TV Firmware version

    No problems with recordings, neither sound nor picture quality. I only record HD programmes though. And to program those recording I need to switch to program guide app every time. Would be much quicker using the upper on screen menus.
  13. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Took the chance and installed 05.00.60 over. 55. No problems, no hassle, but no visible or noticeable changes either. I wish they'd include a possibility to program recordings in the program list in the upper screen menu.
  14. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Well mister8ight told that already: 42lb671 I have a 47LB671v so besides the smaller display thiose should be identical. So i´ll wait.
  15. WebOS TV Firmware version

    Uh that sounds bad. What are the problems with picture quality? Huge slow down? Others report no change or slight increase of speed. What country are you living in? Will wait for more reports on this software.