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  1. Isn't since LG and HBO had a falling out, so doubtful you'll see the app anytime soon. Just mirror your cell phone screen to the TV and you can watch it.
  2. It's probably not supported so quit trying.
  3. That's probably a good assumption. Just like we won't get HBOmax. LG has horrible after purchase support, do just add a Fire stick or Roku.
  4. You can't download a browser onto your Linux basedWebOs LG television and LG won't upgrade it so quit asking. That's why they use apps for services because you can't access then directly via the browser.
  5. You can't use this on the Linux based WebOs LG television...LMFAO
  6. Can you not gain internet connectivity by plugging into the ethernet port and bypassing the wifi all together?
  7. I don't believe Time Machine II is offered anymore on newer LG SMART TVs
  8. No you can't load another browser like on a conventional PC.
  9. Well I love mine, so I guess your opinion is based on your expectations.
  10. Well you should have made sure you could use an external webcam before spending the money on it. Live and learn.
  11. Well you should have done your homework on the television's OS before buying it since you are do displeased. Maybe you'll learn to do your due diligence next time before making such a large monetary investment.
  12. Google TV, Android, doesn't support Skype either. Why don't you look into Tellybean. It's an app that works with LG OS and works similar to Skype.
  13. Microsoft and Skype decided to no longer support smart TVs. It's not the TV manufacturers, it's MICROSOFT! GOOGLE IT!
  14. Stop asking for things that are beyond LGs control. Microsoft and Skype DON'T SUPPORT SMART TVs.
  15. No they can't. Skype NO LONGER SUPPORTS SMART TVs! I know your deaf, but can you READ???

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