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  1. Hi i am owning a LG-LB670V. The TV started to power on only sometimes but is now not powering on at all. Once i plug the power cable the front red led is blinking 8 times (the pauses between the blink is not always the same). Is anything i can verify/do myself before bringing it to a repair shop ? Rm: i tried already with another power socket and by pluggin it directly to it. tx! Regards Syldev
  2. The first update has been released just now. If not already, it should be already available in the Store in your region, else it should be in the hours. Some of the new features included: - a totally new design, making it much easier to use - new option to keep the screen active (avoid going idle) If you downloaded the application already you will get notified to update. Else to download it here is the link : http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=27cd93f0-e8bb-4104-a0d9-f963f3633c14 Note: The application is now named : LG webOS TV Remote Enjoy!
  3. The application is now available for free on the Store. http://www.windowsphone.com/fr-fr/store/app/lg-lb670v-remote/27cd93f0-e8bb-4104-a0d9-f963f3633c14 Name : LG LB670V Remote
  4. Hello I am working on a Windows Phone Remote control application for the LB670V Webos model. As i am owning this television i focused mainly on this television but it should work normally for the 650V and 630 Models too (as i dont expect a difference in the logic..) As the development is almost completed i am looking for 3 beta testers (one for each models) If you are already interested and ready to be provide me the required feedback please comment directly on the below post: http://syldevelopment.blogspot.fr/2014/12/lg-lb670v-remote-app-for-windows-phone.html I will then p

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