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  1. Hi @George Hofmeister, Thanks for your comments. I forgot to include that this exact same issue happened first last year and in that time, from reading on this forum, I thought it was like you said, a faulty wifi module. We changed the module and the issue persisted, and it was until LG released a new firmware that it got fixed. I think that the only solution is going to be to wait for LG to release a new firmware again and after that I will have to disable auto update. I am also trying to report the issue directly to LG to see if they can get the fix sooner. I've read also that th
  2. Hi, I have an LG WebOS Smart TV that after the last firmware update the Wi-Fi Connection stop working properly. When I try to connect to my network, it will instantly disconnect or it will freeze my TV. Model: LG 55UF6450-UA (bought it on November 2015) Firmware: 03.16.00 Also, I don't know if it is relevant but my TV is a US version that now I have it with me in Costa Rica, Central America. I've tried everything posted on the internet and forums: - Connecting to my cellphones hotspot (worked for about 5 min the first time I try it and then stop working and would work

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