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  1. Thank you Simon But everyone should take care as this is a BETA version not a final release of the software Good luck for you all regards
  2. Simon, how did you get the version 05.10.01 was it through auto upgrade or manual download and usb upgrade ? If through manual download please submit the link regards
  3. Hi everybody My TV set is set to south africa you can download the new version from LG Global here is the link http://su.lge.com/GlobalSWDownloadCdn.laf?IMG=/201507/starfish-dvb-secured-m14tv-39.arches-3965-04.65.50-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED%5B1%5D.epk follow the procedure for USB upgrade Good luck
  4. A new version 4.65.50 has been launched 17/8/2015 Did any one download and upgrade ? Need your feedback
  5. Unfortunatly, the LG smart tv doesnt recognise any webcam but the LG webcam only I cant find one in my region
  6. 42LB6520 - Middle east WebOs : ( afro-arches ) Software : 04.62.45
  7. Thanks for the reply I finaly got it and here are the 2 ways in full details How to properly eject USB Stick or HD Drive connected to LG smart TV 1st way : 1- Press Home in magic remote control 2- Press the cable circle on the right of the screen ( input hub ) 3- Select all inputs 4- Scroll down and locate the usb stick or hd drive under smartshare section 5- Select the desired usb device to remove 6- Press eject from the right of the screen 2nd way 1- Press and hold 123/input from the magic remote control 2- Select all inputs 3- Scroll down and locate the
  8. I beleive scrambled channel are to open from the receiver itself nothing to do with webos
  9. Gentlemen I have the LG Smart TV lb6520 I know that is adviced to eject a usb stick or HD drive before disconnecting from the TV I have been looking in all the tv menus for eject usb drive but coudnt find any please advice

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