LG webOS Add-Ons & Accessories

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Accessories to use with your LG webOS devices such as LG Tone headsets, LG microphones, web cameras, and other add-ons. 

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    • I am using a LG 65-inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED Smart TV with WebOS 3.0 (65UH6030) as a digital display.   Every day I have to manually turn on the TV, go to the WebOS app, open a URL (http://www.tapnarts.com/signage) and then expand WebOS into full screen and move the cursor over to the top right hand of the screen to try and hide it.   Is there a way in which I could schedule the TV to automatically turn on everyday and open WebOS in full screen mode opening a URL (http://www.tapnarts.com/signage) and hiding the cursor? I would also like it to turn off at a specific time so it is not running 24/7.
    • I created an account just to be able to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I can't believe the hours I wasted trying to get Screen Share to work with a Win10 laptop.  I was ready to head home last evening but just had to try your solution before I left and it worked! Thanks again Xirtam. I hope others find your post.
    • This sounds like what I would expect a reminder to do. You set a reminder for a TV show then when the show is going to start the TV reminds you that you wanted to watch said program. 
    • According to this page Hulu produces the app.  My TV says the latest version was released last month. It seems to be that Hulu isn’t the greatest about the features they advertise being in their mobile apps. For example look at the ads for their olympics coverage where they say you can customize it to what you want to stay up to date with… This feature is missing from not only webOS, but their iOS app as well.
    • Any updates? Just found this out tonight as I was trying to find out how to select one of my Hulu profiles.
    • I started from here.   https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/contact-us?ref_=dm_cpweb_contactcs&initialIssue=digital-order  
    • Has anyone checked to see who actually produces the app, LG or HULU?
    • As a rule of thumb LG do not develop the apps for webOS, that is the purview of the content providers. Plus this a user to user forum and there is no guarantee that LG even looks at forum such as this one, although if they have any sense they will. There is a sticky post with a link to the LG portal where you can detail the problems you are having.  Add in to your communication with them all the relevant details of your TV, firmware and the release version of any relevant apps.  Make it clear you are a member of this forum and that you will detail what responses you get from them here.  That way at least it is made clear that you are not one person alone who they can ignore.