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LG webOS Add-Ons & Accessories

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Accessories to use with your LG webOS devices such as LG Tone headsets, LG microphones, web cameras, and other add-ons. 

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    • I've had the same problem and it is because the wi-fi card is not working.  I have had intermittent internet for almost 4 years and then this happened too.  Technician told me this brand is renowned for it. New board installed under extended warranty all OK. Get price before purchasing as could be very expensive.
    • The only way to get "Smart"Share to refresh folder contents is to manually remove the affected shared folders, and then readd them. Every single time there is a change. There will never be an auto-refresh. Ever. Thanks, LG (yes, that's sarcasm). PS. Extra points for throwing my first reply to the bit heaven in the process of registering an account (which you said I can do later but, apparently, I can not). PPS. Oh, and couple more extra points for making "Smart"Share PC client EXCRUCIATINGLY slow and clumsy in everything.
    • OLED65E7P bought in USA but later converted to India region by following the below link  link hidden, please login to view Current software version is 05.80.15 It won't find any new updates while checking from TV menu. Should I upgrade it to 05.80.55 by downloading from LG India website? starfish-dvb-secured-m16p-611.dunggir.m16p-61114-05.80.55-prodkey_usb_V3_SECURED.epk Reason for asking is sometimes the apps act funny, especially Hotstar app seems buggy or not quick to respond. Does work ok most of the time.  Thanks for any helpful advice. 
    • @kimbovk1984 Translated the above: " hello good [people], I have a television lg webos tv oled55b7v and the image and the colors do not look good. I need someone who can show me how to configure [it]".  As no-one on this forum will be able to "see" the issue, or know what you current settings actually are, it would be almost impossible to know how to advise you on what to do. You need to call in a local TV  technician, and let him take a look, and set things to how you want them. 
    • @JuliusCaesar First, on the laptop, check that it is on the same WiFi band (2.4GHz or 5GHz) as the TV. Then on the laptop, go to ALL Settings (from the notifications bottom right), key in "media" without the quotes in the search box, and when you see "Media Streaming" select that. If it is off, click the "turn it on" banner, and set all discovered devices you want to "stream" (or cast) to to ALLOW in the tick-boxes (make sure that they are ALL turned on first of course)! Then try again. If you still have issues, ensure you are at the latest Feature Update on Windows 10 (that could be the April 2020 one, called "2004", or the new October one called "20H2". I hear that the later one is MUCH better than the "2004" one! Failing all of the above, you may have to resort to using "Smartshare" on the laptop (downloadable program) and TV, but I always found it very clunky and unreliable.
    • @David Ramplin I HAVE seen something similar posted on here, and it MIGHT be related to TV firmware or WebOS updates on certain models. This is only a Peer to Peer forum, and has NO control or voice, or feed DIRECTLY into LG. If this is a recent issue, and you think it is caused by a recent update, please report it to LG support in your country. The more user who report issue, the quicker the resolution (in theory anyway). 😊
    • @Steve Marks Please post the LG TV model you have, and what country you are in. They don't all support the "Time Machine" in-built app, and in some countries (like Italy), LG have not paid the licence to use the feature for recording broadcast TV programmes.  NOTE: even if you get this working (if your TV supports this), you CANNOT take those recordings off that device, to use on another TV or PC for example (or plug the SSD into another device), they are in a proprietary format, and NOT portable, for copyright and DRM reasons.  Google DRM to see the implications. If you want to "pause live TV AND record programmes", you may need to get a set-top-box and add a disk to that, OR get a SKY  or FOXTEL box or similar, depending on your country. These can be as cheap as $39 (you have to add your own disk at the front): link hidden, please login to view or a big brand with its own 1TB disk, and better functionality for around $400 here: link hidden, please login to view
    • Having read advice on this site I bought a WD 2.5" SSD plus USB adapter so that I could pause and record FreeSAT which is built-in to the TV.  Is there a particular way to set up the drive and if so how?  I've plugged the drive in and can connect to it via Settings but it only offers the options of using media stored on the drive to be shown on screen.  I want to pause live TV and record it.  Does anyone know if this can be done please?

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