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  1. The LG Content store You Tube app sucks.
  2. Michelle: Mind you I am not making excuses for LG, but my guess, based on not hearing anything from LG thus far on this thread, is that they don't bother with this. After all this is a "User to User Support Forum".
  3. Am I the only one who thinks that LG is not paying attention to any of this?
  4. Thank you A. De Mello. As I stated in my previous post, several days ago I installed a YouTube App that wanted to charge me a monthly fee. After reading your post I went back and searched again. Somehow I found the YouTube app that you mentioned. There are adds but no fees. I have two interesting observations about this app. First, on my TV the reception of the videos on the YouTube app is much better than what I was seeing using the WebOS browser going to the YouTube site. Very nice. Second, I noticed when watching a video (Sheryl Crow's NPR Tiny Desk Concert - 35 minutes l
  5. On my TV I went to the LG Content Store and installed the YouTube App, which LG Content said was "free". Not it is not. After a trial period the fee is US $49.00 / month. Also, I have not been able to yet contact a LG service technician about this.
  6. LG webOS TV UH8500 Software version: 05.30.60. As of last evening YouTube has this piece of information at the top of my home page: "We'll stop supporting this browser soon. For best results please update your browser" Now what am I supposed to do?

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