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  1. The biggest problem with LG (imho) is the Software update policy. You are stuck with the OS version that the TV was launched. Never mind if the hardware is more than capable to handle a new version. LG wont update it.
  2. That is actually way worse than planned Obsolescence. You are talking about a decrease / removal of features (this case a problem with Dolby Vision) via a software update... If it is the case then is a very clear case of FRAUD!
  3. I think i've read on another forum that you can do that using an usb flash drive.... but i cant remember for what version and or model.
  4. I agree with you in part: Sure older models i do understand. I am not expecting that LG compiles a WebOS version for SoC that use ARMv7l ISA and only have 1GiB of RAM (or less)(and all the hardware on the board etc, etc, etc, plus older GPU in the SoC, etc, etc...) But one year old models? Like early or mid 2020 ones? No! That is pure BS from LG part. Yes it would cost LG a few pennies to pay devs to reach that QA, but it would keep costumers happy. This is blatant disregard and greed (btw LG is not the only one doing this. In fact i dont think LG is the worst one, but still
  5. Sorry but that is marketing BS. The SoC in those units is almost identical. The new ones might be a little more powerful (especially the one for 8K models) but there isn't any hardware limitations on the "old" models that would exclude them to receive the update. Lg doesn't update them because they want to sell new units.
  6. It is a DNS sinkhole but its usefull to determine what domains the tv is trying to access. Better alternative would be using software like WireSharck or if you Router/Gateway having IP monitoring tools.
  7. It might be useful to use a Pi-Hole to determine what type of DNS queries the tv is doing.
  8. Good luck with your Android TV ... you have 5 models from Sony this year and 3 from Philips (btw personal experience Philips updates suck hard... i would avoid any "smart" tv line of theirs). IMO WebOS is not bad... BUT it really does not have 3rd party devs support that is true. But for web browsing, Youtube and even Netflix it does the job really well. So far (imho) you are still better of with a compute stick or eve a simple Chromecast .... but it's your money and your decision.
  9. 1ST Android TV's are basically dead (afaik)... 2nd WebOS was bought by LG from HP exactly to be their OS so why on earth would they use another OS? If you don't like WebOS then just get and Android Stick or an Intel Compute stick and use it for you computing needs on your TV.
  10. No doubt about it... but there are a lot of complications IMO... 1st the Hardware, and i mean the custom SoC on the TV's, does not have documentation available to the general public... So any coder would be forced to use LG API/SDK to port Kodi. 2nd is the part that its not clear how many system resources are available... WebOS AFAIK is there to provide a computing experience BUT TV functions come 1st... so how often would Kodi be "killed" during operation is a pertinent question (to free system resources, since Kodi can hog a lot of them depending on what type of media you are playing). An
  11. Oh BTW team Kodi finally published on Play Store
  12. Thks for the info... i'm going to try this.
  13. Well i might have been a little harsh, but your post readed like someone that does not contribute but complains about an Open and Free Software just because it did not does what you want. Kodi core team focus on the project and does little extra ports, and they probably would never submit a version to LG software shop, like they never did with the Android version. (there have official builds for Android but you have to get them outside the Play store). That program you are talking about is probably a port of Kodi/xbmc that does not respect the GPL_v2 of Kodi and that is probably why i
  14. Its very shocking??? Do you even know what the Kodi project is about? They are not optimizing the program for any device in particular, this WHY the project is Open Source! Whant a cheap Kodi able computer with HDMI? get a Raspberry Pi 1 or 2. It works perfectly. Now instead of whining why don't you use the source code of Kodi and compile a WebOS version yourself? And then submit it to LG to see if they approve it (now their answer will be shocking...)...

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