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  1. LG sold their product "saying SMART TV with WebOS", i am a dumb buyer to believe them!!!!!!!. Next time i will smarter and better buyer. I WILL BUY A ANDROID TV. REAL SMART ONES . There are many developers doing things for this OS. BYE BYE!!!! LG WebOS
  2. Hi, exor Do you work for LG? Your answer does not seem appropriate. I was looking for some guide or solution with this obsolete LGTV = (OS WebOS). This operating system (WebOS) is really bad. Limited APPS. Many APPs developers are not interested at all. So, I will sell my LGTV and buy a new AndroidTV. (no stick or something like that, i will buy real smartTV) i was not SMART to got your TV.
  3. why WEBOS is the only OS for your LG TV's? Is There a path for change it? How? Is Better to get an Android's TV than yours?

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