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  1. Thank you. If a 4TB works, a 5TB is going to do it, as well. I'm just afraid that recent models no longer support high capacity disks or require partitioning.
  2. Many thanks. Browsing the web I've read of several people claiming their HDDs work just fine with recent LG models and they're over 2TB. I currently own a 2015 Samsung smart tv and it is capable to read 3 HDDs at once (5, 4 and 2 TB). Maybe recent smart TVs can't read GPT hard drives while older ones can? I'm little confused here and I'd really prefer to know in advance what I'm getting, rather than make a purchase and then be forced to return the tv.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm interested in the OLED BX. I would like to know if it is compatible with a 5TB HDD (to be connected and fed through one of the TV USB port). LG manuals recommend to connect up to 2TB storage HDDs but don't really state that higher capacity devices are not expected to work. Then, I'm not sure how are things with DTS support. It seems that DTS decoding is no longer supported on the 2020 tv sets. But LG web page (updated 08/22/2020) titled "Support Video Playback File Type & Codec" still claims that "TV supports DTS audio codec when USB/HDMI video file playback

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