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  1. Also a word of advise .. if you have an external HDD .. any size, data, structure .. and planning to attach it to the TV, Please be VERY PATIENT for it to work, and never try to de-attach it while the TV is on The Great TV is very slow in reading it, especially if it is large, and the folder structure is deep, and contains allot of data
  2. Howdy, sorry for that but welcome to the club of frustration on LG Smart TV world .. hate to say so to a new proud owner of what he thought would be a great appliance for his home with great potentials of "Smart" OS TV .. but we all been there and @Rene .. No, there is no one of LG Support here .. this is Owners Community .. not an official LG Forum .. probably someone of the users is actually a member of LG Support .. but nothing official
  3. Hello Everyone .. let me describe my experience in this subject 1- how fast the HDD is read on the TV is relative to the a. Content Types, b. Folder Structure, c. amount of data My HDD had mixed content, and very deep folder structure, I'm talking about the daily usage of Personal and Business staff, documents, programs, pictures, movies, music, games, downloads, ... etc., this is how I've been using it, and wanted to play the movies on the TV currently now I turn on the TV, attach the HDD, and do whatever for about 10-20 mins, while its being read and appear in the SmartShare app. 2- I've attached other HDDs that has only Movies on it, and/or has some other few content types but not large amount, and it worked in a flash, just plug it in and pooof it is on the SmartShare 3- @Rajc123, these "ntfschk....." folders you deleted: a- they are there - most probably - because you have plugged then unplugged your HDD before being read probably, unplugged the HDD with the TV Turned on, which is a very serious mistake that threatening you will loose your precious data on the HDD b- Do Not Delete Them Again before you explore their content and make sure that they are Really Empty or has data you don't need anymore, in my case they always had pictures, documents, or files from various location on the HDD, like one time i found a folder of my brother's images, which originally was on the Family Photos Folder ... c- How did they get to this folder?? honestly i don't know ... but I do know that the folder named "ntfschk...." is being created when the HDD is being checked and contains like the fragmented files on the disk ... 4- the correct way to use the HDD on the TV is: a. Attach the HDD, doesn't matter the TV is on or off b. Wait .. Wait ... Be Patient, Wait until you are sure it is working and appear in the smart share or whatever application you are intended to use. c. to unplug the HDD, Turn off the TV, and wait until the light indicator is off, or you are sure that it is stopped. d. even if it wasn't yet appeared on the TV, Turn off the TV before unplugging the HDD
  4. Dear Admins of this forum .. is this forum - somehow - monitored by LG? does LG knows anything about this thread? because although these are just 34 angry comments of some twenty-ish owner of LG Hardware, but any reasonable person can imagine the number of customers those have bought the 2014 version of LG Smart TVs with WebOS 1.x that will be not upgraded to 2.0 version and how could they be mad about this with all respect to the Admins .. and their efforts .. but I didn't feel the presence of LG Customer Support anywhere .. every post I've read is either by an admin who replies with his own personnel experience or another owner for a LG Hardware
  5. hello there .. have anyone managed to play with the subtitle i've tried and used their guide to properly setup the settings for the playing a movie with the subtitle from Plex .. but no use can anyone provide a sum-up of all the settings required .. in order to ensure that i am not missing any
  6. would u please put the link for the article there .. and does any of you "admins" have replied to it??
  7. Ooh dear Pranav .. both are nearly full, plus im checking the option to compress the files to save the disk space, so they may have more than 2 TBs of data thanks alot please if someone is expert or have something that could be of help
  8. Thank you Pranav for your response but the hidden files are not the case, in fact i always show the hidden system files and for the recovery tool, i didn't try this yet, but it might work, still needs new storage to try to restore to it... what about fixing this as is and what about the other people that says they found it was detected and were able to read it after 20 minutes and by the way, i found this mentioned in about 5 posts till now .. doesn't this make u question .. what is wrong
  9. Hello Everyone ... I have recently bought the LG 50LB6520, and since, it frustrates me everyday i use it ... the Web Browser, i cannot play a music file or live streaming radio in one tab and open a new one, the player in the first tab stops YouTube, if i put it in pause, and tried to resume, it starts from the very beginning of the video And the worst disaster i had with it, was regarding my 2 External HDDs 1TB each, which I had for nearly 5 years now, and contains all my universe, Programs, Family albums (Scanned old images, weddings, camera photos, a total size more than 100 GB), Games, Movies, Cartoons, Songs and Music, downloads .. i've had them for 5 years .. Oh My Merciful God first i connected the 1TB hdd of my brother, and played some movies to try the new TV set and its capabilities .. I tried to find the option to UnPlug them .. but couldn't find it, so I assumed that it supports the direct UnPlug normally like the pc and everything went normal nothing happen to his hdd, his hdd mostly had fewer number of folders and mostly was movies.. when i tried to connect mine for the first time they didn't work in the first time .. (now from the post I knew that they may needed like 20 Minutes after they are plugged .. How Come .. to be ready) Plug .. Un-Plug .. Plug .. Un-Plug exchanging on both of them .. but sure nothing of them has worked the disaster was when i tried to attach it to my laptop .. 1- Toshiba: was detected on the computer, and the drive letter appeared, but no size bar, and trying to browse it, it gives an error in the disk, the disk may be corrupted 2- WD MyPassport: was detected and showed the disk size and the remaining disk space, but when browsed it, I found the folder structure i had appearing as Unknown file icons with 0 kb size, also i found 2 new folders i didn't had before, and in one of them i found 1 folder form the Family Album (Camera) and it had the sub folders of it .. where does this came from .. later on .. after searching for the problem with the HDDs i've been able to "chkdsk /f y:" for the Toshiba, and restored that drive but this didn't affect the WD and to be so stupid as normal people .. i tried to put the toshiba back to the tv .. this time .. i've been connecting a thump stick and detaching it .. and in one of these times it showed me a warning .. not to unplug it with the tv on .. as this might cause some problems so .. i kept the tv off, plugged the hdd, opened the tv .. didnt read it .. turned off .. unplugged the hdd .. plugged to the laptop and BOOOOM ANOTHER 2 FOLDERS APPEARS AS 0 KB FILES .. THE WEBOS MUST BE FAULTY .. please if anyone can help .. it would be sooo much appreciated, i can even pay him if he demands .. i just want my data back
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