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  1. Hi Komali, I understand that you have lots of DATA in you 1TB HDD. Try to find a way to take a back up somewhere. Or else buy a new HDD dedicatedly for TV. From my experience Segate HDD's were getting detected without all this formatting. As of now i dont have any other solution with me for this issue?
  2. Hi MrNorth, You have to use a laptop/PC, connect you hard disk and copy the files. Not using the TV.
  3. Hi Thuan1979/Komali, I got my 1 TB WD passport HDD detected and able to play 1080p movies on my LG 42LB6500 TV. I did the following steps. 1) Take a back-up of your data in HDD. 2) connect to Laptop / PC. In My computer find you HDD, Right Click; select format. 3) In format Pop-up menu, change file system to NTFS, change Allocation Unit Size to 16 kilobytes. 4) Click Start. 5) Copy movies to HDD after Formating. Connect to your TV's USB/HDD port (earlier LG models had USB ports marked also as HDD, try connecting to these ports if HDD is mentioned). 6) WebOs Models will detect the HDD as soon as you connect it to USB/HDD port (try USB port 1). Try these and let me know if it helps. WebOs will create a new folder in you HDD.
  4. Hi, Try to Format your HDD to NTFS (Even if its in NTFS fromat now) make the allocation unit size to 16 Kilobyte and try.
  5. Hi I am planning to buy LG 42LB6500 WebOS TV from Malaysia. Before finalizing the model wanted to Test with my HDD which is 1 TB Western Digital passport model. Interstingly the TV wasn't able to detect the HDD?? What could be the Issue?? HDD is USB 3.0, but compatible with USB 2.0. Could it be a firmware issue?

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