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  1. The very first time you bookmark a webpage in the browser the tv asks if you want to also add your favourite bookmarks to your tv home screen. It states that a maximum of 5 bookmarks can be added to your homescreen. I clicked "no" so havent used the funcionality myself but one would assume that if you click "yes" when first prompted, then each bookmark you save in the browser will be added to your home screen automatically until you have reached the maximum of 5. A quick look through both the browser and tv settings suggests there is no way to manually enable/disable this option after the initial prompt other tha n resetting the tv to initial settings. There doesnt seem to be any options when selecting a bookmark either so i would assume the homescreen only displays the first 5 bookmarks in your browser list. Can you rearrange your bookmarks within the broswer? That should change the 5 listed in your homescreen. Other than that you may have to delete bookmarks in order to rearrange your list.
  2. I got an update this morning 04.10.31 -it hasnt fixed my particular issue but try your lip sync issue once updated. Also i may be wrong here, but my lip sync options has another button below it "bypass". Im not sure what the effect is but i assumed it would switch the positive values on the slider to function negatively? Have you tried with bypass off/on?
  3. The new webos version was released for me this morning. I have updated to 04.10.31 from 04.10.04 but the acestream cast functionality is still broke! Argh was convinced the newest update would resolve this being so soon :/. Has anyone had any luck with reverting to an earlier version? I almost got there but security restrictions on my works laptop mean i can't use this conputer to "host" the update (downgrade) files.
  4. 1. The "wallpapers" (im assuming you mean the "no input" pictures) are for when there is no input. Customizing these images is probably not that sought after since you can view any pictures in a slideshow by selecting your usb input, which would require the same effort as choosing a defunct no-input anyway. So there would be no real user advantage. 2. The no-input screen is typically on a timer so should only be displayed for a minute or two before the tv turns off or goes to screensaver mode. again customizing those images has little advantange. 3. The "screensaver" is a black screen with a small image. The purpose of this is to turn off most of the lcd diodes when no input or function is being used on the tv. It would not be ideal to be able to change this since it would not do its job as a "screensaver" and would alter the tvs electrical performance. 4. Since most of the Tvs have little to no internal memory, all user images must be on an external device such as USB. This means the TV would be saving directories / memory references to data that could disappear at any moment. Though not particularly complicated it would be unnecessary error management and checks else the wallpapeer could be referencing non-existent memory address and crash the tv. 5. LG have most likely paid rights or paid for the photography itself for it's own default images and i would assume they would like those images be displayed as it represents the "feel" ethos or brand image the tv is trying to portray. 6. How often a user is exposed to the no input wallpapers is very little considering it is usually only while a device starts up or just after you turn something off. Comparing crappy phone wallpaper functions is not the same as you are exposed to your phones wallpaper pretty much 100% the time you use it so it is a majoer functionality. If your going to do a comparison it would be like saying you want to change the image your phone displays when starting up for 1-2 seconds and shutting down, like the "android" image. You rarely see it unless you restart your phone which most people try to avoid. Changing the main image ion a phone is comparable to being able to change the input your tv is displaying, which it can already do.
  5. This is not a bug, but rather user error. All Settings -> Picture -> Picture Mode Settings -> Picture Settings -> Black Level. -> Picture Settings -> Apply to all inputs. (After changing black level go back one to Picture Settings, at the bottom it will say "apply to all inputs".) NOTE : The TVs seem to have a default Picture Mode quick setting for each app/input separately as well (I.e Standard User / Vivid, / Eco etc) and will always revert to the last picture-mode setting used for that particular input/app. This is most likely what is overriding your black level change, Make sure when you change your black level on a certain picture mode you choose "apply to all inputs" AND also make sure Netflix has been switched to that SAME picture mode. (eg Vivid/Eco etc) (Exiiting the app after choosing the correct picture mode will mean it defaults to that setting each time until changed,. For example If you changed your black level on one of the picture modes like "standard user" while watching live TV, then switched to Netflix or HDMI1 the tv will go back to which ever "Picture mode" was last used for that particular input. E.g. if Netflix defaults to "Eco" then your black level settings (even if you chose to apply to all inputs) will not show as are they are under the "standard user" picture mode quick setting. Sorry if my explanations a little complicated.
  6. Finally someone else with the same issue! Im sorry to hear obviously but its Almost impossible to google being too convoluted with 'mirracast' and 'screen mirroring' :@ Fyi. Im using LG UK6400PLF. Exact same issue. I use acestream(acemedia) on android and select my tv as the device to play the video on. Now after the initial webOS app loading-circle its just an unresponsive black screen on the tv. Its seems like the player hasn't kicked in atall because theres no buttons or 0.00 timer or anything. Always worked brilliantly until 1/2 weeks ago, would play the video much better than using screen mirroring (its the only way i can use the hdr setting and motion smooth ). I have not had time to contact customer support directly yet will try tomorrow. To OP: I managed to get an okayish stream through 'screen-mirroring' and using vlc player as the player. Vlc will cast the image to your tv WITHOUT duplicating the image on the phone as well. Nowhere near as good but its smoothest and most stable i could get it. Video player or gallery seem to slow the phone down too much. Please update if you resolve i will do the same. Tried all the std resets etc nothing happening. Anyway to roll back software? Thanks

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