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  1. Just to notate but I was unable to get my chromecast to work with ace stream either. Already tried with previous releases of the app to stream directly to the TV, it just won't work, at least on my Xiaomi mi a1. Hopefully with a future firmware on the TV will work properly again.
  2. I used to cast from ace stream directly to my UJ6300 and I had no problems until a few days ago when the TV got an update for WebOS 3.7 I think. Now whenever I try to cast to the TV it just shows a black screen on the "Web App Viewer" app, I was wondering if maybe I could set a different player as default player when streaming from my phone instead of the Web App Viewer, as when I play from other sources it starts the "Photo&Video" player. Otherwise I think I would have to downgrade the OS to the previous stable version. Anyone else having this problem?

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