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  1. rmean

    LG webOS help me !

    New TV..
  2. rmean

    Cannot login to Netflix

    I'm having issues with Netflix, too. Since a couple of days, I can't even get to the login screen. I just get error "ui-113". Netflix works on all other devices, but not on my 47LB650V. I even tried resetting the TV, but it won't work. I'm desperate :-D
  3. rmean

    Quick way to change Sound Out

    I hate it. My 5 year old Samsung was better at this task..
  4. rmean

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Well, at least they didn't brick people's TVs this time.. That's my level of expectation :-D
  5. Hi there, just wanted to ask if anyone knows if there is a way to access Quick Settings with Magic Remote. Remote: AN-MR500 TV: 47LB650V @ 5.00.04
  6. I agree. Just check your TV notifications. They are slowly cancelling all services. I don't think WebOS will live for a long time
  7. rmean

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Updating too. I don't expect any changes... Old Version 04.45.04 New Version 04.45.25 Very little change in Version number :-)
  8. They said second half. Fingers crossed.. :-)
  9. rmean

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I think it doesn't affect 650V. I have one and it went fine. But no guarantee [emoji85]
  10. For the meantime, try closing all other apps in "Recent". Worked for me so far..
  11. rmean

    No enough memory

    And same issue for me. Happens randomly while accessing DLNA Server. Lb650... I hope they can fix it on the sofware side