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  1. LG 55SJ800V Firmware: 04.70.30 Web OS: 3.7.0-57113(dreadlocks2-drto) Dolby Vision: 1.4.4_06.00
  2. I have bew firmware. 04.70.30 Not working: 1.Miracast. I have BlackBerry Q10 and this phone support Direct wifi and Miracast connection. My phone detect LG Web OS TV but can not to connect to them. 2.Internet Browser not support for downloading files from site like jpg,mp3 and others. This suck! Not support flash sites! suck! 3.Wifi connection. I must to Off and on when i turn internet on my phone (tethering) TV not connect automatically to internet. 4.Can not change wallpaper or add another in screensaver. This suck! 2017 year and we dont have this option in web os tv? Android tv is much better!
  3. I have LG TV 55SJ800V . Application Browser suck. This app can not download from site any image,mp3 file and other file to mass storage. I visit https://www.wallpaperup.com/resolution/4k_-_ultra_hd Android tv is Muuuuuuch better! We have 2017 year not 1945! LG! Wake up. If no i sell your tv.
  4. I purchase this tv lg 55" SJ800V and i have problem to Share screen from my Phone BlackBerry Q10 to this tv. Over HDMI Cable everythings works ok. But Over Miracast tv broken connection. My BlackBerry Q10 have new firmware 10.3.3 and support Direct wifi and Miracast. Please add fix for this issue. We have 2017 year not 1945. O

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