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  1. It is a shame how they don’t work properly. What I do is download tv cast app on tv and phone then stream movies ect from phone and it works dosnt say app will reset, hope this works for you
  2. Best thing I do and it works. Download Tv cast app on phone and on tv then stream a movie from your phone via TV cast app go on tv make sure ip adress is the same then movie will play on Tv and it won’t crash
  3. I have been having problems watching movies on LG web browser on my smart Tv. But I have downloaded a TV cast app on my iPhone and on my Tv off LG App Store. Now using these apps I can stream movies onto smart Tv using Tv cast app and it dose not crash or say App will now will restart to free up memory.
  4. Best solution I have found. Download a screen share app / Tv cast when you sync your phone to Tv and play a movie or tv show via the Tv share app on Tv it dose not crash. Works 100%

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