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Picture quality WebOS holding back streaming apps.


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I recently tested out three (EU) LG WebOS tv’s from the year 2021:

- LG 65UP78006LB (2x)

- LG 65UP886PB (1x) (currently owning)

When i was done setting up the tv’s without anything connected to the tv except wifi, I was presented by the beautifull backgrounds, however I noticed the poor picture quality on all three tv’s. After pressing the home button I noticed it even more by watching at the covers of the movies shown on the homescreen.

I was wondering if this was just how LG tv’s are supposed to look like, but then I switched to HDMI without anything connected just to see the backgrounds and “Wow” there was the picture quality i was expecting.. with a very sharp picture and fine details. Keep in mind these backgrounds are the same on all inputs. After pressing home to WebOS and testing out some streaming apps i noticed the bad picture quality again.. except when watching HDR content and getting the HDR logo top-right of the screen. Thats when the picture quality and sharpness gets to what its supposed to look like but all other content without HDR being activated there’s a poor quality and i know its not supposed to look amazing like HDR but also not this poor. 

if any developer can test this out and hopefully do something about it for the next update that would be lovely.

Set up the tv without anything connected. (Only wifi or ethernet.

Switch input to Live-Tv and compare the backgrounds to the backgrounds on HDMI input. Also check the covers of movies in the home menu. For some reason the home menu is identical to live tv input when it comes to poor picture quality

Other than the picture quality i am really enjoying the WebOS and how easy it is to use.

if the picture quality gets fixed i would consider WebOS the best operation system out there.


Feel free to ask me anything.


Thankyou and excuse me for the long message.

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What were you using as input before switch to HDMI?  What are you watching?  Youtube TV?  Youtube? Some other app?  Your wifi might not have a strong enough signal and then the TV is choosing a resolution that it can support for your wifi.  And that maybe lower resolution.  I have read that the LG TVs have very slow ethernet cards so if you try to watch something from the internet, I would suggest staying with the wifi and not trying ethernet.

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for commenting.

basicly all apps that are running through WebOS aswell as the WebOS homescreen.

What’s the recommended mb/s for the WebOS to display 4k resolution? I currently have a booster next to my tv thats supplying around 70mb/s. Could that be the problem?

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That’s plenty i guess. I currently have a subcription for 270mb/s through optical fiber. however its limited through the booster i’m using. I might try running a ethernet cable from the main modem/router to the Tv to see if that works.

i’ll let you know if that did the trick.

May is ask you what LG TV you’re using and which version of WebOS?

Thank you

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