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  1. Resolution is in 2 directions, vertical and horizontal. Standard "4k" is 3840 x 2160 (tall x wide). So the 3840 is nearly 4,000 hence the 4k (a generous round off and probably a misuse of the "k" which usually means 1024). So the 2160p means how many pixels of vertical resolution (the TALL direction). The p means "progressive" as opposed to interlaced. In the old days, every other line of resolution was scanned on each scan of the screen. Now electronics are fast enough and pixels stay illuminated long enough that it makes all 2160 lines in one scan. So it sounds li
  2. I've been having sluggish YouTube lately as well. A video will start and then the spinning busy indicator and a long delay. I found that just disabling the internet and then reconnecting fixed it for a while. I am connecting wirelessly, fwiw. The internet provider switched from 100Mbps to 200Mbps and I thought somehow the change in speed might have screwed up the app.
  3. If you pressed the scroll wheel and you are displaying an external source, then I have no idea why it wouldn't show up. Sorry.
  4. Newbie, Did you follow the other steps? "Pick up your magic remote. Shake it until you get a pointer on the tv screen. Press the little scroll wheel button down. This should display the input source in the upper left corner such as "HDMI1". Then motion with the remote until the pointer is over that "HDMI1" and press the little scroll wheel again. That should show the information about that source." This assumes that the "input source" is something external, like HDMI2, for instance.
  5. No idea about any other TVs and Remotes other than my own. The magic remote should show an arrow on the screen when you pick it up. If you don't see it, usually shaking the remote will "wake" it up. If you don't have a magic remote, I don't know how it works. See if you can find the manual.
  6. Pick up your magic remote. Shake it until you get a pointer on the tv screen. Press the little scroll wheel button down. This should display the input source in the upper left corner such as "HDMI1". Then motion with the remote until the pointer is over that "HDMI1" and press the little scroll wheel again. That should show the information about that source.
  7. Ah, I got it. I don't usually use the LG remote since I have the Logitech Harmony Elite to control all my devices, but apparently there is one thing it may do that the Elite does not. If I click on the picture, then the SOURCE shows up in the upper left corner. If I click THAT, then it shows the actual resolution, hdr, etc. THAT was what I was looking for!
  8. So I got an Xbox One X which has games that display 4k. And also the YouTube app displays 4k videos. How do I know that I have everything set up correctly and the TV is ACTUALLY displaying 4k video mode? Sometimes even HD looks really good and I haven't watched 4k stuff to know if I'm really seeing it. It would be nice if there were an option in the TV for displaying the actual resolution in the corner or something. I tried to set things up through my Denon AVR X2000 receiver and the Xbox complained about the TV not being able to do 4k. I don't know if I had something set up wron
  9. I loaded the Photos & Videos app and was pleased to see a Filter that allowed it to show both Photos AND Videos. So I applied that Filter (which was probably the default anyway). I see thumbnails of Photos AND Videos. So then I clicked on the first thumbnail, which happened to be a video. When that video finished playing, it went to the next video and so on through all the videos. I expected it to go to the next Photo OR Video. In other words I expected it to step through and play the thumbnails as they were displayed by the filter. I don't suppose the LG webOS programmers visit
  10. I ended up tossing the magic remote, plugging all devices into the AVR and HDMI from there to TV. Then bought Logitech Elite remote with hub. Now I have favorite buttons on the remote for all the favorite channels. Then I also made a button on the remote learn the "fav" of the cable box remote which runs through the list of favorites on the cable box.
  11. That is what I ended up doing. Everything plugs into the Denon AVR-X2000 and from there through hdmi arc on TV.
  12. I set my oled65b7a tv to use a wired connection. That worked. Now I want to use wireless instead. There doesn't seem to be a way to remove the wired connection. Which is it actually using and how can I remove the wired connection information?
  13. When I switch from cable to xbox or another input, the sound levels aren't equal. So I maybe have to turn the sound way up for one device and when I go to the other device, it is blasting. Shouldn't the tv recognize when I turn down (or up) one input source that I don't necessarily want to affect another one? Am I missing something? I haven't found anyplace to adjust those levels. (nothing on the tv and nothing in the cable box, for instance.
  14. Newbie, ah, I didn't play around with the swap position much at all. Didn't get that it was working that way. Kinda sucks.
  15. Ok, the "list" button now shows just my favorites. I'm not quite sure why. I'm pretty sure it showed ALL of the channels before, but I just went to the rename of the favorite group dialog and I think that may have flipped some flag in the code. Now it just shows my favorite TV changes and I can navigate through them. So that is only a couple of clicks to go to the next favorite. Two other buttons would have been nice on the magic remote. One to record what I'm watching. The other would have been a "goto next favorite" channel. Nemilose: I don't see a way to export the favori
  16. So I set up favorites for cable. How do I USE them with the magic remote? When I'm watching cable, and I click on the scroll wheel, there aren't any choices to "goto favorites" or anything like that. How do I invoke the favorites that I created?
  17. I think part 3 was the answer. I changed the wiring so that the cable box and the xbox plugged into the tv. Then the TV connected to the receiver through the ARC connection. Then I had to change the receiver to allow HDMI Control. I think everything is working as expected now. Cable box and receiver seem to be controlled by the LG magic remote. I miss is being able to turn the xbox on with the LG remote. I guess I can either use voice or the controller for that when it is needed. I used to have the xbox control all the devices, but I guess if I'm not really doing games, I don't need to
  18. I just got this OLED65b7a TV yesterday. I have everything set up. My setup is shown in the attachment I have a couple of problems I can't resolve. 1. Sound comes from two sources simultaneously. I turn on the xbox which turns on the receiver and the cable box and outputs signal back to receiver to the TV (hdmi ARC). I turn on the TV and see and hear the TV through the xbox. (or I choose a game or something else on the xbox and see and hear that on the TV) I choose on the TV to show Live TV from the internet. Now both sounds come out from both so

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