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crash smarttv lg 32lh570b

Francisco Solis


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@Francisco Solis Try unplugging all external devices, and try again. If not difference, try a factory reset.

If still bad, it is either a "bad" firmware update (turned off TV before completed, thus corrupting the update), or a hardware fault, in which case raise a call with LG to fix it.

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    • By williamsats
      I recently got a 32LB650V from LG Hellas as replacement of my old 32LM620A where it had a serious damage that coldn't be repaired. 
      Nice move from LG but....
      The new WebOS for the moment is a crap compared to the old menu.
      In the old menu i had:
      LG Premium with lot's of goodies
      LG Smart World where it was full of apps of anykind and i could find anything i want. 
      LG 3D World with nice short movies, cartoons and documentaries in 3D.
      Where are all these in WebOS????????
      Now i have only youtube, facebook and 2-3 other useless stuff.
      OK the panel's quality is better, sound is better, the configuration menu is OK, but where are all the other things that made me buy my old 32LM620A????????
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      I have a smart tv LG Webos 3.5 55UJ630V, How could i add a app (globo play) i know that app its not available in LG webos content Store. But i Thing  there are others ways to fix them
    • By DjDiabolik
      Model 49lf590v
      Firmware 3.21.40
      When i turn on my tv... on the very first time i try to open the "setting" menu all goes in freeze and my tv made something like a self reboot.
      on tv i can see the red circle whit the "X" on top right corner... but i can't do nothing... the image freeze and no audio.
      after about 2 seconds the screen become completely black.
      another 2 seconds and all return working... at this point the "setting" menu can be opened whitout any problem but the crash/freeze & reboot cause a complete reset all list of recent app used or input used.
      after the crash the tv say "nothing recent activity"... all it's lost.
      how i can do for fix this issue? it's someone have a similar trouble on your  lg tv?
    • By Ryan001
      Whenever I run Netflix or YouTube, the TV is restarting itself every 10 mins. Sometimes, it just freezes. 
      I also tried resetting the TV to factory settings. Same issue after few hours.
      I also tried using Chromecast and has more frequent crashes.
      TV Model: LG 49UJ654V with latest firmware update
      Please help. Thank you. 
    • By Zorac Dev
      So you buy a LG 4k ready TV,  you load the YouTube app that came pre installed and that you have updated to the latest version so you can see 4K quality. Then you try to watch ANY 4K video and the you get the app "out of memory" crash. WTF why is the TV free memory not large enough to play 4K videos via the app? What needs to be done to make this work? Add more memory, free up memory, uninstall everything?  Most apps including the LG browser crash consistently with this memory message. Don't you test this stuff before releasing it?
      Come on LG give some feedback on the real issue and more importantly what can be done to fix it?
      43UJ670V TV with WebOS 04.70.45
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