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  1. Hi........... i have need to TRY to reinstall the 3.21.40 firmware on my LG LF590V-ZA. At right now, also i have already ask in this same forum, i have a little trouble whit opening of "Setting" menu at first time after i turn on my tv from standby. When i do it my TV goes in freeze and i see my TV Crash and made somethings like a self reboot. I have read ALL thread but i don't have really understand how all procedure it's works........ it's someone can explain how i need to setup ?? Other question it's: - My TV it's connected by LAN.... my ip pc it's (
  2. What i need to do ? I have already installed this 3.21.40 and whit a pendrive i can't reinstall same firmware. It's explained also in the pdf manual............
  3. Sorry for late answered............... On the previous week i'm goin in vacation and i can't follow this thread. Return in OT: On this past week i come out of my home i have turned off my TV from the wall and i come back this past tuesday. I have return on my tv and nothings as change......... the TV continue to crash also as ever do after this recent firmware as been released or installed on my TV.
  4. Hi @George Hofmeister Thanks for reply and yes i have tryed to "HARD RESET" my TV from the appropriate option in the menu but also have reapply the first next setup this trouble it's not disappears. What do you mean when you say on tv it's running WebOS 2.x ??? Do you think that two different versions of the WebOS are installed on the TV ? Unfortunately, because of this "crash" i can check immediatelly after i turn on my tv......... But after that I see WebOS crashing i can see it's correctly reported 3.21.40 it's installed. You know a procedure for exa
  5. 3.21.40 released on LF590V series. Now when you open the "Settings" menu at first times the TV goes in freeze and made a self reboot........ after that apparently all works good like other 3.21.30 relased exactly one years ago.
  6. Model 49lf590v Firmware 3.21.40 Trouble: When i turn on my tv... on the very first time i try to open the "setting" menu all goes in freeze and my tv made something like a self reboot. on tv i can see the red circle whit the "X" on top right corner... but i can't do nothing... the image freeze and no audio. after about 2 seconds the screen become completely black. another 2 seconds and all return working... at this point the "setting" menu can be opened whitout any problem but the crash/freeze & reboot cause a complete reset all list of recent app used
  7. Again the same question whitout any answered in the pass: I have a 49LF590V There's someone beta firmare or similar to can be resolve the so many devices created on windows 10 every time i turn on my tv ?
  8. I have a 49LF590V........ what's the last official or if it's present beta firmware i can use ?
  9. I have this problems on my Home......... i have a PC ( and a LG WebOS (upgrade to latest firmware) connected to same router whit a fixed ip to same Network. The problems it's every time i turn on my PC if my PC it's turned also (on the other rooms) on windows 10 i see a newest and every time differs devices has been added!!! After one or two weeks the number of same devices every time i turn on my TV it's be reach 100 and i need to deleted manually one at one every time. How i can remove this ?? I see all this devices as PNP devices............ i don't understand because every

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