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Multiview function OLED65CX6LA




Hello I have an OLED65CX6LA and I can not find the multiview function. I press the microphone of the magic remote I pronounce launch multiview, my answer is that this function is not recognized. I do the same with the key where the three points are, but no multiview proposal is available. Can you help me please ?

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I would imagine that LG have dropped the feature, possibly they have had feedback that it is not a regularly used feature by a majority of users, or programmatically it has become more of a problem to keep rather than develop.

You are not the only one asking on the forum:


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@OLED65CX6 It seems that some 2016 and 2017 TV's had this, and the C9, but the CX series did not get it. I thought I read somewhere that it was because few people used it!

Of course that is bad news for users expecting it in their new TV!  If you complain directly to LG, maybe enough users complaining MIGHT get some traction, but don't hold your breath!

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29 minutes ago, George Hofmeister said:

salut @ OLED65CX6

J'imagine que LG a abandonné la fonctionnalité, peut-être ont-ils eu des commentaires selon lesquels ce n'est pas une fonctionnalité régulièrement utilisée par une majorité d'utilisateurs, ou par programmation, c'est devenu plus un problème à conserver plutôt qu'à développer.

Vous n'êtes pas le seul à demander sur le forum:


Thank you for answering
Hello I have a big doubt about it because I saw people do it on youtube with the same web os and besides it is mentioned as it is compatible in the characteristics of the product in the official site
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