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  1. https://www.lg.com/sa_en/support/video-tutorials/CT31903412-20150908639749-others
  2. Have you tried taking the batteries out of your remote and putting them back in to see if that helps.
  3. Hello all I have the as anyone tried using their multi-view feature. I've just discovered that one side Amazon Firestick 4K and the other side just normal air broadcast. I have noticed that with the Amazon Firestick 4K will not let you watch anything on the opposite side you have to uncheck the firestick 4K then you can watch something on the other side. But what's the point because that's the purpose I want to watch both at the same time my firestick 4k and my over the air broadcasting channels. Does anyone have a solution to this problem greatly appreciate it thanks for your help in advance. Note: This Feature work for me with the old Amazon Fire TV stick that is not a 4k. 20190813_180730_1_1.mp4
  4. Maybe you have to restore your TV back to factory i know it a hassle but i worked for me. i had to do this just to get the remote updated again. hope this helps

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