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No sound from receiver when using LG cx apps


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@Blackorchid The Integra DRX 3.3 looks nice, I am jealous! 😊 Do you have the Main/ARC HDMI (DRX Output) connected to the ARC/eARC HDMI on the TV, and Sound settings for all sound to go out via the HDMI? That way, even if the DRX is in standby, the sound SHOULD come from the TV channels AND APPS (it does on my Yamaha anyway - but I think I can turn off the standby input for TV sound, but I left it on anyway - as CEC turns my unit on anyways).

Do ALL APPS do the same, or do some work? Do all your other inputs (DVD player, set-top-boxes) work OK for sound? These should ALL go into the DRX first, unless you have technical HDMI-CEC compatibility issues.

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Thanks for your promt reply👍. I do have the DRX connected properly and to the main eArc HDMI on the tv.  The Xfinity cable box works fine and we get sound from the av. no sound in any of the apps, eg You Tube, Apple TV, etc.  We don’t have a dvd hooked up.  If I turn off the receiver the sound defaults to  the tv for the apps. I have selected hdmi ARC for sound in the tv settings. Love the tv.

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@Blackorchid From what I read on a couple of forums, there is a BIG issues on the industry generally, with ARC/eARC implementations (as the standard is fluid, and keeps changing). Some LG firmware updates fix some things, and break others, notably ARC stuff. LG local countries are aware of some problems, but LG Korea are ignoring pleas.

I spotted this workaround for certain LG models, try it on your TV if it has these settings:


I noticed that in desperation, some users have resorted to connecting the TV via an optical TOSLINK cable to get around this, which is ridiculous IMHO.


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      Dear Friends ,
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      My problem is i can not make work the HDMI ARC conection between TV and Sound Bar

      So far:

      TV LG OLED55B7P-S (latest firmware)
      Sound Bar LG SK9Y (latest firmware)
      NVidia Shield Pro 2017 (latest firmware in my region, waiting for Oreo)
      HD Set Top Box Arris/Motorola (Cable) HDMI
      Used the device manager on the WebOS to connect the Sound Bar , assigned HDMI ARC , Simplink , and tried both auto power yes and no, sound test did not work
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      I plug in the optical and works fine, Internal tv speakers works fine , BT fine….everything works but the HDMI ARC.
      What I am doing wrong?  I am worry it may be a HDMI ARC port problem, TV Is about 3 months old, soundbar is about 2 weeks old

      Thank you in advance

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