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LG content store do NOT show DSTV NOW app



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Thank you for your response.

The supplier of the application(DSTV) mentioned that the application is available on the software/firmware that runs on the TV. The supplier of the application does not mention any model that is is not running. It must be LG that does not  make the application available on all models that is running the  LG webOS that the supplier of the app requires. Maybe LG wants us to buy new TV's. The app is available in South Africa and the TV is also set the correct region and country. We got the app running on Samsung and Apple.

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On 12/14/2020 at 6:35 AM, DavidW said:

The LG content store do NOT show DSTV NOW app.

The TV details:

Model no           49UF770T - TA

Manufactured 2015

LG webOS          : 4.6

Hi @DavidW

You list your TV as having webOS 4.6, however I am guessing that is probably something to do with the firmware number not the OS version.  The TV was released with webOS 2.0, and I am not aware of a unit being upgraded from v.2.0 to anything more than v.3.0.

Many content providers have either never or have dropped supported support for v2.0 and some such as HOTSTAR do not support v3.0 for their app.

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