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65UB9500 connect to BlueTooth Headphones


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I think my tv is much older.

When I go to the LG Connections screen there is no Bluetooth selection.  The closest I find is "LG Sound Sync (wireless)" to be used with a sound bar. 

I have tried every input selection and have "searched device" multiple times - all to no avail.

My JBL BT headphones connect seamlessly to my phone and my Windows 10 PC... I bought the headphones specifically to use with the tv.

Very frustrating!

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We appreciate your interest in this television. To check compatibility with Bluetooth Headsets, review the SOUND menu for the SOUND OUT option. If your model has the LG SOUND SYNC option available, then certain LG Bluetooth Headsets should be compatible. These models are as follows: LG BTS1, LG HBS-700, LG HBS-730 and LG HBS-800. We cannot guarantee the compatibility of any other Bluetooth Headsets.

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Shameful customer experience - - I'm going with Samsung this year (2019)


This unit worked for me when connected to RCA Jacks:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077MXFJGQ/?tag=headphonesty0420-20. There is a newer model that supports BT 5.0...
Original Content From: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/4694-why-does-lg-not-list-3rd-party-bluetooth-headsets-that-are-compatible-with-lg-sound-sync/

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OLED 65B8PUA  -- The specs show Bluetooth.  I am not happy that Bluetooth is not available if you want to use internal TV speakers at the same time!  I can use headphones (hearing impaired) but no TV speakers for others to watch TV with me.  😞


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