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WiFi off



Since last update,we have had a problem with not being able to connect tv first to our WiFi and then after resetting our modem,etc. It now says WiFi is turned off. Have done a reset but didn’t help also had the annoying message about something being disconnected until I put in store mode. Our model is 55UJ6300. It seems a lot of people are having this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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It's tough to troubleshoot WiFi issues.   There could be several reasons and not just one single fix.    My LG TV is an older model and had a few issues years ago with connecting to WiFi.    Here's a few dumb scenarios that could have an impact.   1.  Is your modem located in different room?   2.   If you reset your modem, sometimes it will take minutes for it to fully reset (hence, will not detect your WiFi /  says it is disconnected).   3.   Weak/lost signal from your internet provider outside of your home (which can occur during high-traffic time of day over cable lines or their tech problems).    The only thing I suggest is to power off the TV.   Then, pull the power cord on the router-modem/then plug it in again.   Wait for as long as 10 mins for the modem to reboot (sounds like a long time, but just to be certain it has fully rebooted).    Power on the TV,  then go to the TV's settings menu for Network.   Choose Wi-Fi Connection and look for the name of your router/modem, select it and enter the password.    I would avoid putting the TV into Home|Store Mode until you determine if this works at all.    Store Mode has nothing to do with saving your Wi-Fi settings.   That's it!   Also, consider if your router-modem may need to be replaced.   Good luck!   

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Add to the list of possibilities:

Are you running on 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi?  If it is 2.4GHz then there are a multitude of things that can affect it from cordless house phones to microwave ovens.

Channel overlap.  Do you have neighbours close by?  If so their WiFi could be interfering with yours by using the same channel (between 1 & 15 depending on your country), there are plenty of apps for your mobile device to check this problem out.

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I had done all of the things you had suggested before and unfortunately none of it worked. The reason I have in store mode is so we don’t have the annoying message that something is disconnected constantly appearing on the screen. We know it’s not the router as when I hooked up an amazon fire stick it worked fine. Thanks for your input.

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It is easier for us to use an Amazon Fire Stick which works fine when attached to the tv then to hook up the Ethernet. Our router is in another room and since we have a phone modem  it’s too complicated to move it all. I checked here to see if there was something I had missed. Since it says the WiFi is off. Thanks for your input.

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Good luck. I'm betting there's an issue with the TV - this problem is all over the forum. I can't get the wifi to work - I'm using ethernet. I'm also constantly getting that damned pop up about network devices being disconnected, then reconnected. This is an LG issue and for anyone in their support team to suggest otherwise is denying what is clearly an LG problem. Time for LG to step up and deliver a little customer service.

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