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  1. I am not sure what you mean. My WiFi module worked fine and I never had a message on my tv screen about an unknown device until the latest software update. I don’t take to blaming manufacturers lightly and never have done so before. I only came to this site about a month ago looking guidance when I wasn’t finding it on the lg support site. The things that were suggested over there didn’t work and we were told they were working on a fix that didn’t come. Others with the problem tracked it to the WiFi module so I went there also. This is lg tv is a replacement for one that went bad while sti
  2. Here is a picture of the WiFi module that I replaced. Everything is working fine now.
  3. For me so far so good. There is one person over on the lg support website that has Cher WiFi module twice,her motherboard and some other parts and still has problems. Now LG tells her it may be the screen. I can’t believe they just don’t let her get another tv. She said she would settle for store credit. Most of the problems happened after the updates. Hopefully the problem is over now.
  4. I just replaced the WiFi module yesterday and it solved the problem also. We will not buy another LG tv again as this tv was a replacement for an LG that went bad while under warranty. This tv was fine until the last update. We feel LG should have acknowledged and sent out WiFi module replacements but they keep saying they can’t find a connection between the two. Granted some people have more issues and they offer service call but it costs. I also realize not everyone can change out the module. The hardest thing was taking out all the screws out of the back of the tv.
  5. Since the update was what screwed up the module I wondered if when you changed the module the tv did an automatic update,which I guess it didn’t. Now hopefully any future updates won’t mess anything up.
  6. My question is for those of you who have changed the WiFi module did the tv do an update?
  7. Everything was fine until they did the last update and that seems to have screwed up the WiFi.Several people have the problem. Techs are supposed to be working on a fix but if the module is not working an update won’t work. LG has a lot of upset customers .
  8. I did find the part for my model, it’s a different number then yours. You tube has a video for Samsung and theirs is super easy to change as it right there and you just po a few screws. Is ours riyin front too?
  9. LG techs are working on an update fix since it was the last update that scewed everything up. But if the module is bad the update won’t fix it . LG should be responsible for it but I am sure they won’t be. I can do a lot of things but changing a module is another thing plus ,the number may vary from model to model.
  10. How did you figure out that is those parts that needed to be replaced ? You have to really know what you are doing to to do what you did. Thanks for info though.
  11. A lot of us have had this problem since the last update and nothing you do changes it. If your modem or router is nearby then hookup with an Ethernet cable and that will work fine. I use a Fire stick and that works fine. I tried some temporary fixes but it’s not worth it. A moderator said techs are working on an update to fix the problem. If you are getting the annoying message on the screen you can go to store mode. We just have to be patient in the meantime. Not much else we can do. If I hear anything I will pass the information on.
  12. I have same problem, I did a reset,and got WiFi back on but couldn’t connect but lost WiFi again and didn’t get it back. Connected with Ethernet and got WiFi on but lost it again. Hopefully they come up with an update.
  13. The way I got rid of the annoying message was to go to store mode. Go to settings,general scroll down and it will allow you to go to mode and you can turn off things in store mode. The picture is brighter. The message is gone though.
  14. It is easier for us to use an Amazon Fire Stick which works fine when attached to the tv then to hook up the Ethernet. Our router is in another room and since we have a phone modem it’s too complicated to move it all. I checked here to see if there was something I had missed. Since it says the WiFi is off. Thanks for your input.

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