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  1. Welcome to the club! So many of us have experienced failed wifi card - mine exactly one month after the warranty expired. Also, many of us are suffering from a message box that constantly pops up indicating that a network device has been disconnected - even when we have wifi turned off since the damn wifi cards don't work anyway. Wish I could give you some positive news on this, but short of having the wifi card replaced, not sure what other advice I can give you.
  2. Good luck. I'm betting there's an issue with the TV - this problem is all over the forum. I can't get the wifi to work - I'm using ethernet. I'm also constantly getting that damned pop up about network devices being disconnected, then reconnected. This is an LG issue and for anyone in their support team to suggest otherwise is denying what is clearly an LG problem. Time for LG to step up and deliver a little customer service.
  3. I have the same issue, even after the recent update. LG?

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