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    • Question: Install the correct firmware on my TV

      Hi guys First of all, I want to warn you that perhaps they read a lousy English, this is what came out of the Google XD translator, I do not speak English, but I hope they can understand me and give me their help. I have a LG 42LB6500-UM TV that apparently has a problem with the Firmware, since I bought it I had automatic updates configured, so it was updated several times until arriving at the mysterious Firmware 05.00.15. Why mysterious? Because according to the support page of LG this software is not in the compatible history with the model of my TV. Here the problem began.
      Since then I can not update the Firmware in any way, online it marks me an error "error in the decryption of the data ...", and when I try it for usb simply nothing happens. I'm stuck in version 05.00.15, but that's not the biggest problem. From that moment I can not access the content that HDCP requires, that is, netflix, cinepolis Klic, Prime Video, etc. Yes, it allows me to play YouTube. If I turn on the HDCP in the configuration of my PS4, the screen turns blue. An error in HDCP appears in the InStart menu. Can you think of an idea to solve this problem? Is it possible to delete the firmware and install a new one in a different way to the traditional one (online and usb)? I am 3 years old with this problem, and the LG technical support staff has only told me that I should change the Mainboard, that is very expensive, and the Mainboard of my TV is in excellent condition, it is a software problem. LG 42LB6500
      Firmware: 05.00.15
      Serial number: 406RMEN7R340
      WebOs TV version: 1.4.0-2507 (afro-ashley) regards

      in LG webOS Smart TV Questions

    • Question: new to WebOS, two simple questions

      I like webos on my TV, but there are only two small anoying details that would be great if there is a way around it.  1. TV in Portugal Vodafone has still Cable and Antenna channels. Scanning is not a problem and quality is acceptable for the source. Those channels because they are analogue will not gain description and only show the frequency name such as "S34". Is there any way to rename the channel to something more human readable such as "RTP1" ? 2. Adding a bookmark from the web browser to the main screen works like a charm, but is there any way when lauching the bookmark from there in FullScreen and it doesn't show the intire browser ? thanks

      in LG webOS Smart TV Questions

    • Looking to buy Smart TV with screen grab function - Questions

      I am not a current owner of an LG Smart TV but I'm looking to buy a Smart TV with a screen grab function built into the TV.  I searched and came upon information in this forum that LG Smart TV's with WebOS on them do indeed have a screen grab feature and I have some questions regarding that. 1. Just to reaffirm my info, do LG Smart TV's actually have a screen grab feature built into them? 2. Is WebOS stand alone software built into the TV set? In other words, is the TV independent of a PC operating system? 3. Concerning the screen grab feature. Is the screen grab feature independent within the TV set/not dependent on any other device to operate? 4. Can you save your screen grab to a USB drive? 5. If you can save your image to a USB drive what format does the TV save them in? JPEG, BMP, etc. 6. What is the max resolution the TV saves the screen grab? 7. Can you do a screen grab of any image ported to your TV from any device? Cable STB, Video Game Console, etc. 8.  The info that I read on another thread here  said  that to take a screenshot on the LG you press the input/123  button on the remote and save it to the photo editing app. Is this photo editing app a part of the LG TV software and do you navigate and execute commands in this photo editing app with the remote control?

      in LG webOS Smart TV Discussion

    • Question: Questions about the new WebOs TV

      Hi!   New member from Sweden here, long time .NET developer and HTPC/WIndows Media Center buff...     I tested this new TV at a friend of mine, and I was fairly impressed with the new design and concept of these new "smart tvs". However, the experience did raise a few questions, that I am hoping someone can answer before I actually purchase one for our family.   1) How do I record an entire series of a tv show? In WMC (WIndows Media Center) I just select the program in the epg and either press the rec button fast twice or press info->Record series. A must have for our family, since we watch a lot of DVB-T TV. Streaming services are not that evolved here in sweden.   2) After scheduled a recording, the TV wakes itself up and perform the record in the "background" even if no one is using it? What happens if the TV is in use at the time of the scheduled recording? Does the TV ask the user to confirm channel change?   3) Any way to get to the guide fast (rather by a single remote press) from anywhere by using the magic remote?   4) Does the browser support flash/html5? Most online content in Sweden from the major networks use flash and none have apps for the webos tv. Watching in the browser could work if it supports flash?   5) Any way to pin bookmarks on the start menu? (I know this has been asked before but no answer)   6) WITFM? In the IT world, we often use the phrase "read the f-cking manual" (RTFM) but in this case I ask "where is the f-cking manual"? The printed stuff and the electronic manual are both extremly basic. The LG website contains only lots of marketing bla bla... is there ANY kind of user manual out there?   7) Is it possible to know the expected lifetime for  a2014 TV with webos? If I buy a smartphone (Like an IPhone or Windows Phone) they release updates and feature packs at a regular basis, how is this done with the LG web os TV? Is there  a developer blog or something where the users get info on version x.x of the web-os? As of now, there seems to be lots of confusion even about what the firmware updates contain... Not much transparency from LG?   8) What about missing features and stuff like that? Any way to know what LG has in mind for the LG web os in the upcoming months or year? It feels there are lots of essential features missing, would be good to know what is in the pipeline... Even big companies like Microsoft can communicate with their "fans" through twitter and blogs, I am sure that LG can too...   9) Are there any other magic remotes than this one? I feel it lack some "must have" keys, and I would LOVE to get rid of the 3D button that someone figured was important enough to earn a place on the remote...     cheers! Henrik

      in LG webOS Smart TV Questions

    • Question: Channelgroup can not be deleted

      Hello, I have a LG55E7N and I wonder how I can delete a channelgroup I made by mistake several groups, like 1,2,3,4,5, etc And I like to delete them I have been trying now for several days , but no luck  Any help would be very appreciated 

      in LG webOS Smart TV Questions

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    • By Alex
      ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., April 10, 2018 — LG Electronics USA announced that LG’s award-winning smart TVs now include Hulu with Live TV, offering consumers even greater content options and enhanced viewing experiences within the modern living room.
      Beginning today, the updated user interface (UI) is available on all 2018 and 2017 LG Smart TVs with webOS, as well as select 2016 models.* “As interest in streaming live events continues to rise, we are offering LG smart TV owners a seamless solution that enables them to experience today’s pivotal cultural moments as they are happening from the comfort of their own home,” said Matthew Durgin, director of smart TV content partnerships at LG Electronics USA. Hulu with Live TV offers viewers access to live and on-demand programming from over 50 top channels, in addition to the service’s robust on-demand streaming library with thousands of movies and shows. Hulu’s live offering gives viewers access to personal-ized sports experiences, as well as the opportunity to record live TV through the Cloud DVR option. Current LG TV customers with Hulu subscriptions may enjoy Hulu with Live TV by updating their subscription plan. The 2018 LG Smart TVs with webOS are now available with the updated UI and access to Hulu with Live TV at retailers nationwide. For more information, please visit www.lg.com. #
      Press Release: http://www.lg.com/us/PDF/press-release/Hulu-Live-TV-Press-Release-4-9-18.pdf

      Enjoy all your TV in one place with Hulu in the most personalized TV experience anywhere. The choice is yours – select a plan featuring Hulu’s library of thousands of shows and movies including current episodes, past seasons, original series, kids favorites, and more; or, if you have select 2016, 2017 and 2018 LG TVs, you can upgrade to Hulu with Live TV and enjoy the entire streaming library plus 50+ live and on demand channels. You can also add premium networks like HBO®, Cinemax®, and SHOWTIME® to your Hulu subscription for an additional monthly cost.
    • By LBJ
      I installed hulu but I'm unable to launch. It has been loading for 24 hours.  How do I uninstall and start over?
    • By Peter T Szymonik
      It appears the LG needs to update their app to support the latest version of Hulu (according to Hulu.) Until this done, there is only limited Hulu access available. When will LG update the Hulu app to support the latest Hulu lineup and features?
    • By Romaromato
      Hulu never works on my new LG WebOS OLED TV.   I have made it work from time to time by unplugging (rebooting) the TV or uninstalling & resintalling the app - but now that doesn't work either.  I managed to have it work once by resetting everything to factory standards, which wiped out all user info, passwords, apps, etc., all had to be reentered.   Don't want to do that every time I want to access Hulu!!   Amazon, Netflix, etc. work fine.  Any ideas?  Thanks.