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05.00.40 (beta) for LB630-LB870, EC930



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    • By Pazman
      Which did technicolour actually do ? 
      Having instal the FW beta on my 55"C7 and measured the Technicolour picture preset with chromapure calibration software and an i1 pro I can see there is little  to no improvement over isf dark/brightroom . 
      So what was the point ? Technicolour presets does nothing new or better . 
      Also the 2017s still have audio sync issues with built in Speakers but now with this FW beta that sync issues is also on arc to external sound systems . 
    • By pivotCE
      link hidden, please login to view is the javascript frame work used by webOS developers to create applications for both the legacy OS, and LG’s TV OS. Those following along will recall that the development team had moved onto a new version based on and that this had potential .
      The Enyo team have just . What we know is that with LG’s TV arm as their main customer, the focus remains on TV sized apps. Though increased support for mobile is planned, it is currently limited. Also, the framework will have a new name when publicly released.
      This next generation of Enyo will be of interest to those currently building apps with the platform, but may also attract developers already experienced with ReactJS.
      For those engaging with this testing phase, we’d be interested in any comments. The webOS Ports team will no doubt also be interested in any too. You can comment at .
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    • By spike18_06
      Does anyone have a tutorial on how to upgrade to BETA firmware? i can't find anything anywhere on the internet on how you do this and thought a new topic where people can share this info would be suitable
    • By Tema1979
      Today new beta firmware realized for 2014 TVs with webOS 2.0 functions.

      link hidden, please login to view(in Russian. Use google translate)
    • By sureader
      Dear All,
      I am looking for the beta firmware 04.31.02 for the LG UB850V 4K TV.
      As mentioned in the following article it seem to greatly improve the image quality & performance of the tv:

      link hidden, please login to view  
      So my question where to install it and what the procedure to do so?
      Many thanks in advance for your kind help!
      Thanks for this awesome forum as well
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