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  1. I did do that yes and it's since doing that I've had it drop out twice since installing it on Thursday 14th January 2016 Regards, Robbie
  2. Model: 55UB850V-ZD United Kingdom F/W: 05.00.70 This still has ARC HDMI issues the sound just keeps dropping out every now and again!! Urgh! Regards, Robbie
  3. Okay, i hope they release a new firmware soon, i am so annoyed at the lack of support for the ARC/HDMI drop outs they are actually doing my head in, i have seen some people using 05.00.55 that appears to have fixed it but trying to get hold of this for my TV is a hard task lol Regards, Robbie
  4. on this site? http://forum.ixbt.com/topic.cgi?id=62:22149 or this site? http://webos-forums.ru/topic3865.html Regards, Robbie
  5. I'll keep this link thanks, but this only shows me what is OFFICIALLY on the LG servers i am wanting BETA versions Regards, Robbie
  6. it does state on the 1st link i posted about what is available and where Australia (AU), Colombia (CO), Germany (DE), Great Britain (GB), Hong Kong (HK) -> 05.10.02 from 08.2015 (on the system ashley instead of arches);and that was from this link http://webos-forums.ru/topic3131.html but obviously your telling me now to use that link even though its telling me there is a new beta version Regards, Robbie
  7. Right okay, i get that but i just don't get how there are two sites with 2 different it's rather confusing, the other site page needs taking down its that confusing lol Regards, Robbie
  8. Okay i see this link you have provided, however looking at it there isn't anywhere that mentions 'GB' and reading down the thread people are mentioning about the UHD 4K tv the one i have as having a new beta build 05.10.01, so something isn't right here.... Regards, Robbie
  9. Really.....? why does this link specify UB850v with a beta build of 05.10.02? http://webos-forums.ru/topic3131.html Regards, Robbie
  10. Hi, I am in the UK and i have the 55UB850V-ZD 4K TV, i am unable to get any BETA versions on my TV only can manage to install official versions, all i do for the BETA is download from the link above then put that single .epk file in a folder called LG_DTV and then place this on a USB stick which i have formatted in FAT & FAT32 none of which work Regards, Robbie
  11. Hi, 55UB850V-ZD Yes so i have tried this and it doesn't work! i download the .epk file from http://webos-forums.ru/go.php?http://su.lge.com:80/GlobalSWDownloadCdn.laf?IMG=/201508/starfish-dvb-secured-goldfinger-23.ashley.goldfinger-2302-05.10.02-prodkey_nsu_V3_SECURED.epk however it only downloads 0kb is this correct? if so when i then insert it into a folder called LG_DTV the TV won't recgonise this folder and i have tried with 2 USB devices Regards, Robbie
  12. Hi, Does anyone have a tutorial on how to upgrade to BETA firmware? i can't find anything anywhere on the internet on how you do this and thought a new topic where people can share this info would be suitable Regards, Robbie
  13. how exactly do you upgrade to this beta version? i can only find info on how you downgrade
  14. can someone help me on how to upgrade to a beta version, i cant seem to find any valid info, managed to downgrade but i want to upgrade not downgrade lol, any help?

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