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  1. zlui

    DVB-T2 crashes TV

    DVB-T2 works in the Cologne/ Bonn area for me with the latest beta firmware pretty good!
  2. zlui

    DVB-T2 crashes TV

    Roman, I (still) have the same issue. * I'm running right now 05.05.01 (beta) * Sometimes I can watch dvb-t2 channels without issues * Some dvb-t2 channels in my area are h264 encoded, others in h265. Is that the same in your area?
  3. DVB-T2 channels still crash my TV in an endless loop
  4. zlui

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    TL;DR: DVB-T2 channels crash the TV Long: Channel search finds the DVB-T2 channels, I can see a less than a minute of video, and hear audio. Then, the video stalls, and the TV crashes. The biggest issue is that when the TV starts again, it is still on the same channel and you need to hurry up to switch to a "safe" channel.
  5. zlui

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I reverted my FW back from 05.00.20 to the latest stable on the website, 04.45.25 in my case, recently. Whether it is difficult or not depends. I used https://github.com/openlgtv/nsu_emu+ https://github.com/chokepoint/pytinydns and it was quite ok. If you're on Windows you may have luck with the "LgDTVUpDater" which claims to be a one stop solution (untested by me, the manual seemed rather complicated). HTH
  6. zlui

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I've a LB650, everything seems smooth, except for DVB-T2. My TV crashes while watching DVB-T2 channels. It crashes so fast that it is difficult to change the channel to a DVB-T(1) one. EDIT: I just figured: DVB-T2 *video* support is only enabled in the beta versions. I reverted back to the latest stable version for my TV as of now.