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How and Where to find beta firmware

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Dear All,


I am looking for the beta firmware 04.31.02 for the LG UB850V 4K TV.


As mentioned in the following article it seem to greatly improve the image quality & performance of the tv:

link hidden, please login to view


So my question where to install it and what the procedure to do so?


Many thanks in advance for your kind help!


Thanks for this awesome forum as well



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Thanks Tema, if I understand properly I have to make my tv believe my laptop is the lg update server with some software and some DNS trick. Unfortunatly I am on a Mac so not sure it will work.. seems rather complex as well most likely going to wait for the official update too bad we can't simply update from a Usb key. but thanks anyway

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What is the procedure to update via usb? copy the file into a disk then connect to the tv? thanks again.. the problem I have when I try to either open the store or register my account is that it say that I am not connected to the internet (error 4) but I am connected (webbrowser, youtube and other online thinks work only the lg store and account manage\log in get a white error page after few minute saying not connected to internet)...

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Procedure to update via USB is:
1) Make in USB disk, folder named LG_DTV
2) Copy firmware *.epk in LG_DTV
3) Connect USB disk to TV


For LG store.

Make sure you take all agreements with LG and check if there an error in the address of the DNS server. Verify that no error in the country to use the TV.

In a pinch, call service support.

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Thanks vkomitov will try to update through usd. when I get home! and I will report back (FYI I did check the dns settings for the wireless connection in the network section of the tv setup menu it is fine, I did accept all the agreement "from the about menu" and try different country with no luck...)

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