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  1. Simple and elegant (and free) ad blocking solution for Smart TV: http://webos-forums.ru/post49987.html#p49987
  2. Our Russians friends started monitoring for new firmware versions for LG's 2016 lineup TVs. You can always get the info here: http://webos-forums.ru/topic4470.html Use Google Translate to read in your native language.
  3. Try Plex Media Server + Xplay/PlayPMS instead Smart Share PC client.
  4. Jsut use Miracast: http://webos-forums.ru/topic3869.html
  5. http://webos-forums.ru/topic3572.html
  6. SIMON, you have written this manual by yourself or stole someone else's instruction and assign it without leaving any references to the author?
  7. http://webos-forums.ru/post36972.html#p36972 In Russian use Google translate, also the new features described there. Also there is 2.o beta for 4K ultra hd.
  8. LG already testing webOS 2.0 for 2014 TVs. Many usefull improvements. You can download beta if interested.
  9. Today new beta firmware realized for 2014 TVs with webOS 2.0 functions. http://webos-forums.ru/post36972.html#p36972(in Russian. Use google translate)
  10. People also monotoring the latest webOS firmware releases in these two topics: http://webos-forums.ru/topic3074.html http://webos-forums.ru/topic3130.html The pages are in Russian so you need to use a Google translate.

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