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I am interested in the LG smart TV with webOS, but don't know how many apps are available in the app store. I've contacted with the LG customer support, but they said there is no any specific web page which I can refer to. 


There are several smart TV OS platforms have been revealed at the CES, such as Android, Tizen, Firefox,

The number of apps would be one of the considerations to purchase.


Could Someone advise how many apps which for webOS are available in the app store? :(





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hello, i think there is not too much application for LG Webos. The number of apps is country related becouse od content licencing and local TV providers, and there is a small number of games. these games are realy simple, unenjoyable /i've try just some - slow reactions, loading,.../ the best apps in Slovakia are the next (not all): 


FREE: Youtube (realy bad usage without Mobile Phone),  RedbullTV, Gopro Channel,  Weather Channel, Facebook, Skype (only with cam), Euronews,..


NotFREE: Filmboxlive, Eurosportplayer, Voyo, Topfun.tv, HBOgo,

the apps are free, but the content NOT!!


in premium apps there is 18 apps

in group app and games +- 75 applications.


you can search here some featured


link hidden, please login to view

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