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  1. definitely NO, buy a new TV with LG Webos 3. It's LG's strategy.
  2. are you sure? check your YT settings, turn on statistics and make a screenshot. i'm on 100Mbits
  3. because it's LG... the same witk 49UB850...(4k)... -youtube f.ck.d 720p, no fullhd, no4k.... - i think in year the will be no support for youtube on 2015 models. it's a joke smart tv.. dumb as hell.
  4. oh no, that's the definitive end of hoping to upgrage of webos 1 -> 2... bye bye LG.
  5. on my UB850 after cleaning cookies, log in and pairing chrome all the videos is still only in 720p 50Mbits optical internet connection. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Sdog3999DreVEtd1NZWEl3TE0/view.
  6. Hello, are you sure it's in 4K stream? go to youtube app settings, you can turn on stream info details. On my 4K UB850, its only 720x12xx stream.... . os version 04.55.40 -1.3.3
  7. uninstall and new install solved the problem..
  8. Hello, yesterday i noticed the GoPro app need an update, but it doesn't accept my login and password... anyone else some info? Country Slovakia, App version 1.1.1
  9. hello, i think there is not too much application for LG Webos. The number of apps is country related becouse od content licencing and local TV providers, and there is a small number of games. these games are realy simple, unenjoyable /i've try just some - slow reactions, loading,.../ the best apps in Slovakia are the next (not all): FREE: Youtube (realy bad usage without Mobile Phone), RedbullTV, Gopro Channel, Weather Channel, Facebook, Skype (only with cam), Euronews,.. NotFREE: Filmboxlive, Eurosportplayer, Voyo, Topfun.tv, HBOgo, the apps are free, but the content NOT!! in
  10. http://www.product-reviews.net/2014/12/18/lg-tv-webos-2-0-update-compatibility-confusion/ LG TV webOS 2.0 update compatibility – LG said that its new Smart TV lineup for 2015 will come with the new OS installed, and that certain existing models will also be supported. However, the company has not offered a compatibility list, just that older models would not come with support. Best Regards Laci
  11. will be available for LG-49UB850V and LG-55UB850V? ty

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