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  1. I am experiencing some video stuttering with the CBS All Access app on my LG 55UK6090PUA. It appears to drop whole frames. It doesn't happen frequently but enough to be annoying. Who do I contact about this problem? In contrast, when played through my Roku 2 hooked up to the same TV on HDMI I have never experienced this problem. Note: This also occurs on the WebOS Hulu app. I've never experienced the problem using the WebOS Netflix or Prime Video apps.
  2. ROKU has a search function that finds content available in the channel stream that it supports. You can then add the results to 'My Feed' so that you can quickly access content that you watch frequently. Is there a similar function in WebOS? If not it seems that it would be a welcome addition. We subscribe to multiple streaming channels, on Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, CBS All Access, etc.. Often (we are old and forgetful) we cannot remember which channel we need to access to get our favorite shows. Not only that but all the apps access their content through sometimes daunting click sequences. It would be helpful if the were one app to access all connected content that provides a max 2-3 clicks to access.
  3. I have a UK6090PUA 55" SmartTV. All firmware and WebOS software and is up to date. I have connected a Roku 2 and LG BP-M25 Bluray/DVD player to HDMI ports 1 and 2. I get an audio pop whenever content play starts on both the Roku and DVD player. If I use the WebOS apps there is no pop. First inkling is that the HDMI connection is the issue. Has anyone experienced this and is there a fix? Honestly I like the Roku streaming apps better than the internal apps. Playback is smoother. While using the internal WebOS Hulu or Prime Video apps I catch an occasional stutter.

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