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terrestrial + satellite


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the separation of the platforms of receipt must be separated, even their mix already all satellites, but it is wrong because then the 'sorting channels cause confusion (in brackets already has this problem) if you have a motorized dish USALS, because then you find yourself the engine still running, because already now mixes the transponder (channel packages) of the various satellites tuned, for example moving in a matter of 10 or 100 channels TV 3 or 4 to move the driver on different satellites.

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excuse, if I put the satellite channels mixed up, and you have a dish motorized, every time you change the channel you operate the engine, as for example on one you have 1 channel on Hotbird 4 have 1 channel astra of 5 have a channel of Hispasat, (this firmware goof up the setting of the channels because of its automatism not be deselected, you would have at this point of the parable of the engine at each channel change on the go, trust me this is happening to me.

I have the Hotbird satellite which occupies in the setting of the channels from channel 1 to channel 1584, then the satellite astra, well then, I do not know what it should, but sometimes I find such channels in the range astra intended to Hotbird, you know well that when such are on hotbird on channel 500 and go to channel 501 and the software will put us a channel astra involved the movement of the engine, not wanted, the satellite be divided in their setting, otherwise the dish with motorized always puts in motion.
  If I decide to see the channels hotbird the software does not have to send me on astra.

not only that, if I decide not to store the radio this software will not let me, it goes without saying that when you do the harmonies of the channels I also includes radio channels, but I have not bought a TV a radio, I have to decide whether to store radio or not, know that things stored carried by most of the indices, because overloading the system when I do not want?

have automated everything forbidding us to decide the settings, this is not good, the 'device is mine and I have to decide how to set it, if I knew I would never have bought a tv lg of this type.

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where is the problem ? it happens the same if you are on satellite mode and want to switch from an astra channel to a hotbird channel. No matter how you do it, if you want to switch from one satellite to another one and you have a motorized dish you will always have the same problem, no matter if you can mix or not the channels. In the other hand If you don't want to mix different satellite channels nobody will force you to do this. Other people using single satellite or twin LNB (i have even seen dishes with up to six LNB) will have no problem switching satellites.


you are assuming the software will force you to do things that you don't want, and this is just the opossite. The software should not force you to do what you argue. The software will just let you mix the channels if you want.


Other receivers just have colections of channels (one for terrestrial channels, one for iptv, one for each satellite, etc ..) which each specific numbering each one and the they let you have custom collections where you can mix just the channles you want from any source (aka favorites). So you can browse each source just as now or make you own custom channel list as use it as default channel list,

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exact, to do what you say you are the favorite, you can mix them what you will.
else instead is that I'm surfing the channels of a satellite and the software I melee channels and sends me to another satellite

I position it on if I deliberately as the Hispasat satellite, and I want to scroll through its channels is not permissible that the software at some point send me on another satellite.

what happens now is this very thing.
not only that, I have 5000 channels stored on the section satellites, with motorized dish, if the canale5 position No.of 1000 I coves mediaset on Hotbird satellite, I need every time I access the channel in 1000 I find Canale5, but now it happens that automatically moving both channels of the same satellite that those of others sat, well then you think I have to scroll through 5000 channels to find the channel at that moment I care?
absurd !!!

maybe you have not grasped the real problem, the software will attempt from just one day I did my ordinances, for each satellite, after a few days the software tv them mixed up, if I had before Canale5 now have a channel even Arabic another satellite, but you think all this normal?

menu live the 'last folder right there are the display condition, with 4 folders favorites, thereyou put them what you want, while the rest must remain separate, if I want to see me only digital terrestrial I have to have the abilityto do so if I want to see only the satellite astra, just as I have the chance to see just that. but now the management software the saltelliti not separating them unites them, one after the 'other without separation,. so then with his automatic sorting that you can not even turn off fray in 'list the various satellites.

you confuse the indices of the channels concerned with the channels themselves true, I am referring to the channels true placed in memory, just as those of the various satellites,

obviously you do not have quite the coglizione of how a motorized dish, unlike the fixed multifeed, the motorized moves precisely the parable, and can scasionare about 40 satellites. oves that orbit from 30 ° to 65 ° east based on my latitude, now if I stand on such Turksat 42 ° east and for messing up the channel list by scrolling I am in the middle a channel that has nothing to do with the sat tuksat but belongs to Hispasat that is 30 ° west, im motor starts and move the dish to riceviere Hispasat, it takes 48 seconds to do this, well then for a person who does not want to adare on Hispasat because the software is not acceptable that this happens, it is useless to answer as you do if you do not know specifically what happens.

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I am an electronics engineer with an experience of more than 30 years.
Just thinking logically i conclude that the program list can be created mixing channels
from any source. If, for any reason, switching from one source to another requires a delay
it will be of course accepted.
It is the responsibility of the user to optimize his program list in that respect.
The way the software is implemented now is to my opinion unacceptable, because it forces the user
to perform actions (send a lot of commands using the remote control) that could have been done by the tv's
I wonder really what is happening there in LG ...

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Adding myself to that topic - just bought 50LF652V and first three days was wondering how to switch to satellite channels, as usually I can do it without reading manual. Switching to in deep in the menu is something very new for me. 


I'd also like to have the possibility of mixing the channels in one favorite set. In my case these are digital terrestrial and digital satellite.

Also, it would be good to have the possibility of watching satellite channels wneh recording terrestrial channels.

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even if you get your setting in your favorites, if by chance , the channel on which you position at that time is not reached , the automation of this lousy tv eliminate it , putting at will another channel , the fact that digital terrestrial problem is negligible , but the satellites if you have an engine happens chaos , because maybe they 'll put a channel of another satellite , or you mix the same channels of other satellites , such as that on both hotbird astra1 there are several channels repeated , present on both satellites , the result is that the engine passing from one channel to ' another , jumping from one satellite to' another , and this also on favorites .

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I agree, that if such mixed lists are allowed, it will be possible for a user to mix channels in such a stupid way that it takes too long to switch from one channel to the
next (if e.g. mechanical re-positioning is necessary). But this is the responsibility of the user. Sorting the right way would be the the solution.
If, for some reason, the user insists for a wild mixed channel list, then he must accept the delays. In any case it will be faster that doing it completely manual and pressing 8 to 10 keys on the remote control and checking visually for every key that it was the right one.

Against your argumentation speaks also the QVIEW key on the remote control. I use it quite often in the following situation: watching a terrestrial channel but want to see
what is running on a sat channel. I press <LIST> <red-point> <down-arrow> <down-arrow> <OK> <down-arrow> <OK> and <exit>. These are 8 keypressings to activate the SAT receiver. After that small Odyssey, i can watch the last used SAT channel.
Now pressing only once the QVIEW, i can switch between SAT and DVB-T any times i need.
But the game is over, if i switch any other channel in between.
Anyhow this proves, that it is possible to have mixed lists.
Please believe me, i am scolding like hell, every time i have to make that switching.
I have 2 LG TV sets (i thought it would be beneficial to have the same remote control).
I have been working for over 20 years as an RF development engineer, so please don't tell me, that this is the best way to do it.   
Anyhow, as an engineer i will find a solution after my mistake to buy LG sets (build my own remote control for example) because its a shame for humans to do that stupid
switching when easier ways are possible.
On the other side i must admit that i am very satisfied with the overall picture quality and sensitivity of both TV sets.

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dear engineer , maybe I just do not know how to explain well, or the translator , " " transferred making trouble "
I repeat , I have a motorized satellite dish , cover you all sat from 30 ° West to 68 ° East , a myriad of channels , what is the lament ' automatism stupid lg that if you're scrolling through the channels on a satellite , and one of they are not present , ( could be due to bad weather , the stupid lg that does not allow me to exclude the ' automatism , I remove the channel list and puts an ' other channel , maybe a ' anoter sat , I know what I mean ?
the excellent quality of the ' hardware I'm the first to say that is priceless , I have a samsung home , and these messes I did not make them .

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The users are right, this is a issue/a not elaborated feature.


I had a LG 42LM620S (2012 model, with NetCast) and this TV merges all the channels, and you have the same problem with DVB-T TV and Radio.


If I press "3" the TV list (before change the channel) shows the channel 3 from DVB-T tv/radio and DVB-S tv/radio, giving priority to the actual system (if you are in a DVB-S channel it first shows the DVB-S 3 channel)


¿What happens if you are with channel + -? It shows first all the DVB-T TV, then DVB-T radio, DVB-S TV and DVB-S Radio. If you enter in the channel list it has 4 lists


So no, merge the channels is not a problem because LG 2012 series do it, and do it very well.

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I set my favourite mixing dvb-t channels and dvb-s channels That I'm usually watching so I switch instantly between t and s signal!

I know that this is a workaround but it works well for me!

Perhaps it can be useful for some other LG smart(/dumb ) tv owners

Inviato dal mio LG-D802 utilizzando Tapatalk

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Hopefully if you have a single satellite or you have multiple satellites with diesqc , but if you have a motorized if you fails a channel him the ' SO It puts you in another channel list and if it is of another satellite here is that the motor begins to turn ,
example :
channels 1,2,3 have satellite Hotbird , if there is no channel 2 maybe he puts on a second channel of Hispasat , casino engine begins to turn , if you walk from channel 1 to channel 3 with button up he does hotbird , Hispasat , Hotbird , I know?
This must not happen ,

that your observation has already been made , and I have already answered , maybe I can not explain well why not chew well the ' English , and translated using google , but ask you to carefully read all the posts before writing the same things , otherwise we keep saying the same things .

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Hi. I want to add my two cents here. Why not making terrestrial and satellite available as 2 separate inputs as for hdmi1, hdmi2, etc... I actually have 2 separate cables for terrestrial and satellite, so it makes sense. It seems easy to do. 9f course satellite entry would only show up if satellite channels exists. Same for cable.

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