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  1. My TV is already set to auto time off and is registered for Hertfordshire UK so I get all the UK channels As I stated earlier I use NordVPN but it will not work on my router which to me is the main issue I cannot disguise my location through my router
  2. I live in Spain and my tv has an inbuilt sat receiver which is linked via our satellite dish and I have always got the UK terrestrial channels but not ITV hub, I use an iptv subscription to receive other channels for watching Sport and Movies and my router is a Huawei HS8456 and have a subscription to Nordvpn but cannot connect Nord to my router
  3. Hi Yes home button still works as does Netflix although on Friday night was watching Emily in Paris and it was buffering badly but last night it was fine on Netflix and Amazon prime but cursor was not working. Just turned on my TV and cursor is not working again Home button is working and Netflix is working. I have a sonos system in a compartment underneath the TV but that has been there since I put the TV on the unit over 18 months ago, its very strange and very annoying. Do you think the remote is failing? I have changed the batteries but its made no difference, have just turned t
  4. Many thanks much appreciated I am beginning to suspect its the actual remote that has become faulty as when I take the power lead out of the plug socket wait 15 seconds and plug back in the red cursor is working however it is not working as it usually does and then this morning after the TV being in standby mode all the the red cursor was not working again. I turned the TV off from the plug socket and when I switched back on the cursor was working.
  5. The company that supplied my router informed me that no other router would work on their system but i am not sure this is correct but I do not want to purchase a new Sabia technology router only to find it actually does not work with my internet providers system. I am not sure what to do now
  6. I have an LGOLED55C8 TV and this afternoon I turned the TV on but the red cursor has disappeared I have tried all the recommendations but cannot get the red cursor to come back on. My LG Magic remote is model number MR18BA Does anybody know what to do to restore the cursor please Thanks
  7. I have with the help of this forum been able to get my smart DNS working and can no watch streaming from the BBCi player, and All4 however I cannot get the ITV hub to work, it loads the program I want to watch but then reverts to a screen saying 'Where is my show etc' and it doesnt play I do not understand why ITV hub will not work yet the BBCi player and All4 and Both work My5 also does not work but I get the error message you must be in the UK to view this content
  8. I have manually entered in the dns settings for ethernet connection and i can now get what I wanted thanks for your help
  9. I have an LG oled55c8pla and wanted to instal my NordVPN however I cannot find any set up instruction to be able to enable the connection via the Smart DNS on the LG TV Does anybody know how to set this up please
  10. My set up is an LG55C8 with a Sonos Beam and two play 1 surround speakers connected to the TV via ARC and HDMI Freesat TV and also connected via HDMI to MAG322 IPTV paid subscription and a new 4K Firestick TV. I had lip sync issues but found that turning off True motion resolved most of these issues but the firestick is prone to the issue when watching live TV (I know its not live as its over the Internet) however my issue is weird Whenever I turn the TV off after a few seconds the TV sound comes back on and I have to turn the sound down to zero on the beam, however the same issue ha
  11. Does this mean my screen is broken
  12. I have a brand new LG OLEDC8PLA model and have both an input for my aerial and for my Satellite however i cannot seem to find anyway to switch from watching via my aerial, which is Spanish DTV and then switching to my Satellite to watch UK TV I live in Spain hence the two systems. When I press the home button on the remote the list is at the bottom and displayed are LG Content Store HDMI3, LiveTV Freesat etc but no button with the aerial option, so the only way I can switch is to go into the main settings menu select Programme Tuning and switch the programme mode from Satellite to Ante

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