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LG Completes Issuance of Public Foreign Bonds

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SEOUL, Apr. 19, 2024 – LG Electronics (LG) has successfully issued a global bond of USD 800 million, marking its first in 17 years. Despite the growing global volatility, LG managed to achieve a negative New Issue Premium (NIP), indicating strong interest from global institutions. 

The bonds are denominated in U.S. dollars and divided into two categories: a USD 500 million bond with a 3-year maturity and a USD 300 million bond with a 5-year maturity. The 5-year bond is classified as a Sustainability Bond. 

The additional interest rate, or spread, is set at 95 basis points (bp) and 110bp above the US Treasury bond interest rate for the 3-year and 5-year bonds respectively, 40bp lower than the initially proposed spread. 

LG received a substantial investment order of approximately USD 9.4 billion (around 12 times the size of the issuance) from a total of 339 institutions. This achievement, based on the maximum order book, marks LG’s bond issuance as the most successful among Korean corporate bonds in 2024, resulting in a negative NIP. 

LG’s strong performance and financial stability have been recognized by global investment institutions, despite the decrease in expectations for a U.S. interest rate cut and increased global instability due to the Iran-Israel conflict. LG continues to show steady performance and is diversifying its portfolio, transitioning from a leading home appliance company to a Smart Life Solution company incorporating EV components, B2B and platform-based services. 

The foreign currency bond issuance is positive for LG in terms of stable fund raising and diversification of borrowing sources. The successful re-entry into the dollar bond issuance market after a 17-year break underscores LG’s strong presence in the global financial landscape.

The funds raised aim to enhance LG’s future competitiveness through R&D and facility investments, in line with its 2030 Future Vision. The Sustainability Bond’s proceeds will be used for eco-friendly and social projects, including the construction of eco-friendly buildings. 

The issuance was managed by a consortium of banks, including BNP Paribas, Citigroup, HSBC, JP Morgan, KDB and Standard Chartered Bank. LG has received stable credit ratings of Baa2 from Moody’s and BBB from Standard & Poor’s. 

This issuance marks LG’s return to the public foreign bond market after 12 years, following its 2012 issuance of Swiss franc bonds valued at 215 million (equivalent to KRW 2.6 trillion at the time). 

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      I don't want to use Chinese firmware,can I flash hk or Taiwan firmware,my TV is 4k HDR(55LG61CH-CD)
    • By pivotCE
      By now you’ve likely read about the
      link hidden, please login to view apps we’ve managed to put together. The files are on my Box account and the link was shared A LOT. This was great but had its flaws. For instance, you can’t download the entire thing. It’s a limitation from Box. That problem has been solved as there is now a public ftp! We told you it was coming.

      In February, I received a private message on the webOS Nation forums from user, tylla.
      Hi Alan,
      I’m writing to you about the marvelous webOS apps collection that you posted on the forum/box.com.
      We are a small web IT/hosting company, but as two of us (out of total three – yes, that small ) are using webOS phones, we would like to help you with the hosting of those files.
      So I am asking you, is it OK if we provide you with some FTP space? Our server is located in Hungary, and the international bandwidth isn’t the best one, but this would have the benefit, that all those people who want to download all the apps, would have the chance without thousand clicks.
      Without hesitation I contacted them and started working on the upload and they started working on the solution to make it available.
      FTP info
      Browse to to see all of the files. You can also point your favorite FTP client to:
      site: webosftp.qualitis.hu
      username: preanon
      There is bandwidth limit on it, >2Mbit, and max concurrent user count is 12.
      Speed concerns
      The server is in Hungary so folks across the pond might notice some slow downloads. Do you have a public FTP in the US you’d be willing to establish as a mirror? !
      My plea
      Considering the bandwidth and max user limitation above, if you don’t need ALL of the apps, don’t select all and download them. There’s no need to be a bandwidth hog. Get what you want as many times a day as you want just be considerate. Thanks!
      Box account
      Since I was using my personal Box account for hosting up to this point, I’ll be removing access to it publicly. Sorry! I’m sure you understand.
      Torrent coming soon
      Tylla and I are also working on a solution for a torrent file. The only issue is getting the updated torrent out to folks who are rehosting the files. We’re working on that plan too but it’ll likely be a naming convention and updates via here and to get the word out about the change.
      For your help
      Thanks a ton for everyone’s help getting these apps saved. Remember, we’re still looking for all of those used-to-be-paid apps that are no longer available. We already have some of the more popular ones (Gameloft, EA, etc). Take a look at the ftp and compare with what you have already installed.
      If you have apps that the share doesn’t, copy your /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications folder to /media/internal using Internalz Pro, connect your device to a computer via USB mode, and drag the applications folder over and contact me. I’ll make sure they get turned back into an .ipk and uploaded to the FTP.
      Happy downloading!

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