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Can Chinese lg smart tv flash foreign firmwares?



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      I output the sound from my LG 75UJ657A to external speakers through a bluetooth connection, but it doesn't automatically connect to the bluetooth device when I turn the TV on. Whenever I cycle the TV off and, then, back on, the TV asks if I want to connect to the bluetooth device, and I have to select "yes" with the remote. My smart phone automatically connects to all the bluetooth devices I've set it up with. When I start my car, my phone connects automatically to the car stereo/phone system, and it does the same with other bluetooth speakers I have. This is what I want my TV to do.
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      Hi everyone, I would like to know if there is a possibility for the LG OLED to flash the region firmware. Basically I'm living in Belgium and I would like to convert the tv (ready for Belgium) to (ready for Italy). This is because I wanna watch Italian television through the internal decoder of tv dvb-s2 and if I insert the tivusat cam, the LCN will be completely wrong. I wanna be sure that I can buy the tv here, or in case buy on Amazon Italy and send abroad. To be more specific for example the LG OLED c2 should be OLED55C24LA.APID (Italian version) instead of OLED55C24LA.DEUQLJ (Belgium version)
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      Can anyone tell me why i cant update flash player??
      I bought this TV mainly for movie/football streaming and i cant even update Flash to watch
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