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  1. Bartosz Górski

    LG webOS 05.00.15

    Look for TV sets with android TV. Philips and Sony has something in offer. LG is noy Worth itWysłane z mojego XT1068 przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. Bartosz Górski

    Folders in smartshare

    Do i have my HDD conected to my TV lb670. I have movies in folders on hdd but in TV there is no folders, all movies are on one list. Can i put movies into folders in smartshare?
  3. Bartosz Górski

    Rec Issues with TV off

    You can't record on TV off. It's imposible. You need to connect your hdd to tv decoder box IF have one.
  4. Bartosz Górski

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I'm also asking for instruction of downgrade
  5. Bartosz Górski

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    It might not be a planned 21.09 release. It's because this release is not world wide. Just like on mobile phones they release a "stable" official in few countries. The soft is than again tested. After that there is next world wodę release.
  6. Bartosz Górski

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    As it is official. Does LG gave standard apps like FB, twitter, skype, spotify or LG still suck and i should buy android TV box?
  7. Bartosz Górski

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    Does anyone knows IF the apps like fb, skype, spotify will come vack with official update? New smart tvs with web os 2.0 does have those apps
  8. Bartosz Górski

    Where are apps?

    In Poland there is no usefull apps. No facebook, no instagram, no google photos or druve. Spotify APP is useless becouse there is no free access, only premium account. Why LG webos do not support chromecast protocol without chromecast device?
  9. Bartosz Górski

    WebOS TV Firmware version

    I have also lb650v it's a new life for this model. Still its not perfect but very big upgrade. Why there is no APP for facebook, google photos, google drive, the app for spotify is useless because we have to pay to use it.