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Where are apps?

Bartosz Górski


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We need skype on WebOS 2.0 .. I bought the TV for using skype and now its useless. without proper apps smart TV is useless. I dint expect this unavailability of skype in LG smart TV. Now i feel like it was a wrong decision to go for an LG smart tv.

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Agree.  I've been having a constant battle of wills with LG over the complete absence of any actual quality apps in their 'app store'.  I've been a Plex subscriber/User for ages and they haven't even sorted out that one in WebOS2, however if you want a pile of trash that originates in China or such then yep, the LG Store is the place to go.


LG are completely ambivalent about their customers.  You get automated responses that don't actually help or even provide a possible timeline etc for the issues.  


For those mentioning the likes of Skype, I think WebOS1 did have it earlier on, but it's disappeared, undoubtedly because LG wouldn't pay for it.


I'm currently on my 5th LG TV, up until this point I've always had a good opinion of them, but this is the last time after nearly 10 months of BS, product fails, and the complete s**t that is their customer proposition, well, I'll  be looking elsewhere when I next buy a TV.

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On 9/1/2015 at 12:08 AM, [email protected] said:

Yes.. You are right.... Android TV is more good than LG's WebOs TV. There is no good applications are available in LG Store. Very few numbers of Apps are available..

Agree. Lousy apps in LG Store. 

Better to buy TV with built in Android TV like Sony TV.

Also my $USD 3,000.00 TV is stuck with obsolete webos2.5.. I would have expected them offer a webos 3.0 upgrade so that I can at least do 4K DLNA on 4K TV.

This is my last LG TV.

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