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  1. i can set mine to record when its off ,every fri i record coronation st, when im out at pub. and watch next day.
  2. im from uk will the new firmware work on my lg47 lb650v tv my firmware is 05.10.01 which i manually installed. and is it worth changing firm wares, from 05.10.01 to New version: 05.00.04
  3. just noticed after the update.you tube as disapearered from the apps ?
  4. tv is a lot smoother to use now,and most importantly it hasnt turned off and on . on its own yet.
  5. just installing now, would it be best to do a tv reset after update finishes or doesent it make any difference. thanks.
  6. is this coming to the uk,im hoping it will fix my tv turning off and on ,when changing channels or using apps.
  7. thanks davidsum. just sorted it. do i have to do a reset after the update or doesent it matter,
  8. tried changing to different country but then i got no update needed message, and had retune my tv again
  9. i havethe lb650v but can not find south africa in the drop down menu.
  10. hi whats HBB is it in settings,ive turned most things off in settings,and done a reset,still same.
  11. i have same problem with my.LG 47LB650V with last two firmware updtes. changing chanel od exting apps tv reboots
  12. my tv turned its self on last night after doing the new update.?
  13. installed but tv does not feel or act any different.still turns off when exiting apps

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