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    Annoying persistent AV popup

    But in my case, when the issue is happening, in "Input menú" i can see how my home cinema (HDMI1-ARC) is switching ON-OFF all the time. Do you think maybe is problem of my Home Cinema? Is an AVR Pionner, on my old LG TV worked flawless!!!!
  2. albertpg

    Irritating set top box popup

    I Have the same issue. Any solution?
  3. albertpg

    Annoying persistent AV popup

    Hi, have you solved this issue? I have the same issue, but with Home Cinema connected on HDMI1 port. If I power off the home cinema while TV is on, the popup appears every few seconds in a infinite loop... is annoying! Thank you
  4. albertpg

    WebOS vs Old SmartTV's Menu

    Hi there! I hope you can help me. I have a brand new LG LB650v TV and I want to play movies with TwonkyMedia (from a NAS), but TV doesn't allow me to forward or backward.. It's a crap because if I want to reproduce a movie from the middle what can I do??? You have the same issue? Thank you in advance.