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  1. millski

    Annoying persistent AV popup

    Mine was a faulty board too, which they replaced under warranty and has been fine since.
  2. millski

    Play midia from PC (Windows 7)

    I use Plex and the Playz tv app. I do have to strip any subtitles out of mkv's using mkvmerge though, as the tv will display them no matter what settings are chosen.
  3. millski

    WebOS TV Guide / EPG

    Nope. I bought a better tv aerial instead, the lack of freesat epg means you can't set up recordings and there are too many channels missing from satellite anyway
  4. millski

    WebOS TV Guide / EPG

    Freesat doesn't have an EPG. Sky does, and so does freesat+, but the TV is just standard freesat. You should get what's on now and next though
  5. millski

    Annoying persistent AV popup

    Just got my TV back, with a new main board fitted. An hour of use (setting up all my passwords and apps again :/ ) and I haven't seen the AV pop up. Yet...
  6. millski

    Annoying persistent AV popup

    I couldn't get a replacement on mine So it's currently with LG for repair. I'll post when I get it back, but I have to say LG's support is poor.
  7. millski

    Annoying persistent AV popup

    LG customer support called me today. They said the repair would take up to 14 days, minimum of 8 days. They don't leave a TV as a replacement. I consider this completely unacceptable (it's my only television!) so I'll be trying to get a refund and changing to a different TV.
  8. millski

    Annoying persistent AV popup

    I bounced some emails back and forth to LG support, who suggested cleaning the ports and resetting the tv. They are now sending out an engineer on Monday. If it can be fixed there and then great, if they need to take it away I assume I can make a complaint and request a refund or something, as being left without a tv simply won't be acceptable. Mines a 50LB650V by the way.
  9. millski

    Annoying persistent AV popup

    I've been getting this for ages now too I have an Apple TV 3 and an Xbox One connected to hdmi 1 and 2 respectively. Nothing else attached but the AV2 pop up repeatedly flashes on screen. Removing it from the launcher stops it until I turn the tv off and back on. No simplink etc.
  10. Hello all, just got myself a 50LB650V-ZN I have my freesat box set up on HDMI 1, correctly working through the device connector settings, an Xbox one on HDMI 2 and an Apple TV on HDMI 3. When I'm playing on the Xbox I regularly get a grey WebOS popup at the bottom of the screen that simply shows the "set top box" text and icon, with a little "x" to close the pop up above it. It can be closed with the "x" or goes away after 30 seconds or so on its own. My question is why is it popping up? And how do I stop it?? The set top box is switched off (in standby) and it's not coinciding with any recordings, but it's like the TV has sensed the box being switched on. Is there a way to disable that?