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  1. There are two types of customers when it comes to this issue. Customers who are willing to accept this issue and therefore keep their devices and those who really find this issue very frustrating and therefore returns their device. This issue has existed for minimum 2 years now. And there hasn't been an official fix from LG. It is obvious this can't/won't be fixed. It even existed in their older OS. I can only speak for myself though. I did not wait for my warranty to end. I returned the TV after two tries from lg to fix it without any success. LG went even as far as changing the motherboar
  2. Stop miss informing people.How in the hell will unplugging the TV help with a memory leak? Concerning the firmware version you just gave, the only thing it does is change the out of memory error with a different message; "app needs to be reset to free up memory"(how is that a fix?). Also nobody has yet to confirm webos 2.0 hasn't got the out off memory issue too, so there's no need to be excited. You sound like an lg fun boy or an lg correspondent. Which are you? Lg is just using CNET to prevent people from returning their TVs on time. And therefore falling out of the warranty period.
  3. Well to help you make the choice, you should try this also:1) go to the YouTube apps of both TVs and try to play a video longer than and hour and see what happens. 2) if you've got a tablet or even your phone, try to steam a movie to the TV's also for an hour. 3) do the same with the browser. Either from YouTube or any other site. Search for movies, videos longer than 45min. 4) when playing movies, pause and restart and also change apps, to test the multifunction capabilities if LG. It didn't always work as expected. Cheers.
  4. Dude every webos 1.x FW has got that problem. So if it has webos then it gets out of memory.
  5. My advice will be just ignore smart TVs or 4K TVs in a whole, get a media player which can do all that. But the truth is that's not that easy to do. Almost everyone want one system that does everything.So what I would tell you is, do your best to ignore LG webos, because you would regret it at the end. Nothing works as advertised. A lot of bugs which never gets fixed. If you still want a 4K then get a Samsung. I'm not a fun of Samsung but their TVs function as advertised. They don't get stuck or get out of memory error when streaming or watching satellite TV.
  6. You should send your request here instead: https://www.synology.com/en-global/form/inquiry/feedback The more requests, the chance of getting it.
  7. Well, what I personally think at this point is, lg is totally clueless about what the real problem is. Stunts like changing a whole motherboard and still not fixing the problem says a lot. One thing clear is we all know it's an OS problem.The problem about a TV is, not a lot can miss it and therefore not a lot are willing to return it. That's a chance lg is willing to take to sell as many as they can. The few that return it, will get a refund and case closed.
  8. We are talking about webos TV's and the TV you'd just mentioned isn't one. Secondly most of us are on FW version 4.4.* and we're still experiencing this issue.
  9. Hey guys sorry to have kept you waiting. Had time to test it late in the evening. I can confirm the bug IS STILL THERE. The first out of memory came after 4 hours of interchangeable usage between YouTube, smartshare and streaming from an android tablet to the TV. Lastly I tried to use the browser to play some movies from my Plex sever and there came the message the second time. This confirms therefore that this is and OS(architecture) problem as I initially suspected. And it seems lg can't fix it on webos 1.x but refuses to admit it. Nobody also know if this is not on webos 2.0.
  10. Okey guys, so I got fed up with the out of memory issues and therefore chose to return my TV for repair. It took 3 weeks to get it back. They told the issue has been fixed so I asked what they really did to resolve it. They said the motherboard was replaced. The motherboard? Really? We all thought this was an OS issue. It seems the problem is bigger than we thought. This also explains why lg still hasn't confirmed upgrading 2014 models to webos 2.0. I'm now going to test it thoroughly if the issue is really gone for good.
  11. Well thanks for the reply. This is a real shame. I guess I would have to return mine also. I'm really fed up with mostly the out of memory bug. I was willing to overlook the other issues but if they can't fix that then I guess it's on to them. LG doesn't really seem to care about old customers. I can't risk waiting much longer, since the chance for webos 2.0 is slim to none. Also no body really knows if webos 2.0 had fixed this issue. They don't even have a bug tracker or a forum to report these things. You have to call them every time.
  12. What about the memory leak, has that also been fixed? That is the worse of the bugs.
  13. Only if I'd read this before getting the TV This out of memory error is pathetic. Shame LG.
  14. Premium is the replacement for LG store for countries which are not allowed to have LG store. All the licence sh*t. Which country have you selected for your TV? You should either change your region to one which supports LG store. That is if you can choose from the list on the TV.

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