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  1. i cant access your link...
  2. acess the "top best paid apps" must be there... (lg store -> best paid apps) buy using a cred card... i emaild them for instructions on how to buy a "gift card".. pre paid credits.. no return so far
  3. i cant activate subtitles when streaming files over the smartshare DLNA conection (the video file is in my PC and its played on my TV 42LB6500
  4. i cant activate any subtitles as well (over DLNA streaming files)... anyone with the same problem? media played over USB devices works fine with subs and audio options
  5. plex already exists as an app called PLAYz for webOS, but its paid for 4.99$ should be a free app, no doubts... agree with all you anyone here has the PLAYz? does it play the subtitles?
  6. my tv: 42lb6500 2014 model, running latest version of webOS... Still hoping for a solution
  7. Discussion on webOS nation: link: http://forums.webosnation.com/lg-webos-tv/329432-issue-unrecognized-subtitles-smartshare-streaming-wi-fi-webos.html What I have discovered so far: The first time I've configured DLNA over LG smart share (native TV LG software) I didn't really know what I was doing. Well, Windows has it's own DLNA media server, which is a derivative of "windows media player", called "windows media server" I guess... I don't know how, but I've shared/configured my media over the windows media server. (So, in my computer, windows media server was configured. The TV uses "SmartShare" natively, of course). I was never able to activate the subtitles, so I searched for alternatives... https://www.dropbox.com/s/kdo4ubm768...erver.png?dl=0 imagine showing the subs icon dimmend, with no options: 1. LG provides it's owns DLNA software for PC called "SmartShare", same native name of the DLNA software used in the TV. "SmartShare" for PC is the most friendly interface of all, but doesn't stream the subs as well... 2. There are a second alternative named "Media link" (name shown only in the site), which is actually the "plex media server". (Rebranded) I wasn't able to properly set the "plex media server", found it too difficult...does it stream the subs? https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tyrq8hj25...%20LG.png?dl=0 on the left the "DNLA certified" is the "smartshare". in the middle, the "Media Link" is the "Plex" And so far, I have tried others DLNA servers https://www.dropbox.com/s/s8mp9wroh0...share.jpg?dl=0 some of the PC media servers installed, including "smartshare" 3. "universal media server": didn't work 4. "Nero media home 4 essentials": Supposed to be able of playing simultaneously the video and the subs... Information given by the own LG in a support guide... Didn't work 5. "Serviio": Has all the options, including hardsubs (burned-in subs). Both didn't work. Best achievement so far: 6. "PS3 media server": It shows the subs (burned-in method), but the sound was off and the imagine was periodically frozen, probably because of the hardware highly demands on "printing" the sentences in the frames... I'll keep trying. if anyone has the same problem, please, tell here... so I'll know I'm not the only one

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