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  1. I found it too! You need plex pass to use it, but it's working!
  2. Ok, no changing Tracks on DLNA, but I checked the MKV file with MKVMerge. My wanted audio track was the first, it had the same language whitch is set default on TV, and it was the default audio Track in MKV. So it seems WebOS picks audio track randomly. (or it always picks the English Track...) I hope it will change soon.
  3. Does is work on WebOS?
  4. How to change audio language? I Was watching a film. (Mkv) I stopped playback. Tv said there is firmware update. I updated to firmware 04.30.09. Later i wanted to continue the film, but the audio language changed to english. I can not switch It back to to original. The audio icon in the menu is inactive (like It was always). Im playing the film through Dlna from my NAS. Any ideas, how to Change language?

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